Two friends, Johann and Yohahn, deserters from a war, decided to set up their own country, as a way of escaping the violence of the world. Sailing lonely, they arrived at Platform 42 and found his country there, since the platform is far and away from any potential interest. Initially, everything went as planned, with both of them busy shaping the ruins of the platform for their needs (housing, water, food, storage, light, etc..).

However, due to long isolation period and the egocentric nature of both, Johann and Yohahn just got crazy. The apex of insanity was when they tried to decide what would be the name their country . Johann wanted the nation had its name, so it will be remembered for posterity. Yohahn wanted the same, with the only difference being the name of the nation should be Yohahn. As they didn’t reach an agreement, the madness and paranoia surfaced and the old friends declared war against each other. As colors of war, Johann took the blue and Yohahn chose the red.

After months of a “cold war”, as they were to coward to make a war in fact, Johann and Yohahn solved they problems hiring the services of mercenaries to end the war. Hiring a group of “professionals” of the continent...




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This is our first post here in IndieDB, and we will talk a little about how we build and animated the My Country, My Name characters.

We did some tests with full standard 2D animation in the alpha release, and the result was amazing but the work you need was so huge!!! So we are a small team, we need to find a better and easy way to do that but we didn't like to lose the animation quality.

In the traditional animation Zé was doing all the character animation ALONE! Yes, and the last time we talked about that he said, "dude, there more than 60 animations"... And we are talking about a standard animation, the artwork is vector but the animation was done in a very traditional way, with no bones...

One option was, to destroy all the characters in small pieces to mount again in a 3D software, doing something like this can help us to cut some time from the software development and in the animation but giving a very nice animation result.

Here the first test result... This art was done just for a small research to try our theory. I'll say, we lost probably one day to understand the best way to prepare the model... And wasn't a easy work -_-'

Here is how we did all the characters, with LOTS of shapes with textures! :D
So, doing this we can keep the classic 2D game aspect like the oldies 16 or 32 bits games with all the easy animation features and flexibility of a 3D model!

Yes, there something wrong there, but, we made it work! And the final result in a very nice animated gif ;)

Ok, we did everything work very fine, but, yes! MCMN is a 2D action game, and how I said early to save our time and our money (we are a small indie studio, we didn't have much money :'( hahaha) we are doing all animations in a 3D animation software.

And you might be wondering, what the difference between the traditional 2D animation and this kind of animation with a 3D software... And here is the difference, we have 8 characters in the current beta demo, and in a traditional animation we have to do all the animations each time... and some of these animations are very similar! And in a 2D animation is almost impossible to use these similar animation in every character without re-animate each one...

So the solution is, build a common bone to use in every character and do all the animation in a 3D software, and it solved our problem and saved a month of traditional animation work! And there many other nice features with a 3D models like animation blend, we use this feature to create the transitions between the animations, mount to put weapons and items (we will use this feature to customize the characters in the final version) and many others!!!

So, here the video with every engineer animation :D

Thanks for reading, post your comments, or just say hi ;). And follow our Twitter @MyCountryMyName and our Facebook page at :D
And you can check our devblog at

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Space Lander Demo

Space Lander Demo


Try our game with full tutorial and the first three stages!

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Dead project?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
VortexStudios Creator

hey TucoBenedicto, sorry for the delay :)

no, the game isn't dead, we are porting the game to Unity to publish in PC, Mac, IOS and Android, by the new features of Unity 4 maybe we will release for Linux too ;D

very soon we will post to new games here at indiedb :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

love the art style - great stuff! tracking :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
VortexStudios Creator

You can check our blog at and our facebook too at :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i will ^^
i am testing around with walk cycles and flash for myself right now, so this is just on time. ;)

but what u guys are doing here is just phenominal - i mean all the bones / engine stuff. :O amazing. as my name says: keep it up, good sirs. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
VortexStudios Creator

Thanks! And we will keep it up :D hahaha :)

But we are just doing a small making-of from My Country, My Name to show a little about our work, the problems and solutions.

We will write more post like this one, I just don't know yet about what I will write... :-/ suggestions?! :D

Hey! I saw your art! Great work! Keep it up too :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
VortexStudios Creator

Hum! I forgot! You said you are doing the a walking cycle with flash!
This is a very good idea too! The new version have bones! :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

thanks, glad you like my stuff too ;p
yeah i am doing this flash stuff for university right now and i still got a lot to do and learn :) (we are forced to achieve "interactive media", not just a animation-clip, which would be a lot easier -.-)

oh yeah, please! post some tutorials :) would be great to follow you guys in clips or written words.

@flash and bones: i know, but i am to "oldfashioned" or dumb i guess - i drew every frame instead of connecting the single parts with bones... bones are the better way, i see now - for sure. :(

happy holidays btw. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
VortexStudios Creator


I think I can write about how we are using 3D softwares to design the GUI.
What you think, nice?!?! :D

I'll check if someone from concept can write something too :)

And happy holidays to you too IndieDB buddy :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I like the graphics in this game. Simply complex is the term I'm going to use. Well done!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
VortexStudios Creator

hehehe, thanks dude :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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