Two friends, Johann and Yohahn, deserters from a war, decided to set up their own country, as a way of escaping the violence of the world. Sailing lonely, they arrived at Platform 42 and found his country there, since the platform is far and away from any potential interest. Initially, everything went as planned, with both of them busy shaping the ruins of the platform for their needs (housing, water, food, storage, light, etc..). However, due to long isolation period and the egocentric nature of both, Johann and Yohahn just got crazy. The apex of insanity was when they tried to decide what would be the name their country . Johann wanted the nation had its name, so it will be remembered for posterity. Yohahn wanted the same, with the only difference being the name of the nation should be Yohahn. As they didn’t reach an agreement, the madness and paranoia surfaced and the old friends declared war against each other.

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looks amazing! :) so much work i bet... great job guys.

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VortexStudios Author

thanks for the comment :)

there lot of work to do yet!
this video was made from a build to test the gameplay on unianime here in São Paulo last year...

all the best!!

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My Coutry, My Name Gameplay Trailer
Indie Game under development by Vortex Game Studios

In My Country, My Name you will command the troops from Yohann or Johann in a battle to take over a small oil rig.

Title: My Country, My Name
Format: PC, MAC
Street date: TBA
Engine: Torque Game Builder
Developer: Vortex Game Studios

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