Minecraft is a first-person fighter/sandbox construction game created by Mojang AB.

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Custom music concept
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Madman4700 Dec 9 2010 says:

i would love it if i could understand this scribble, but im not very good with readstone anyway :(

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WarlockSyno Dec 9 2010 replied:

It's an organ like instrument. It plays 'toot' sounds. Like a flute/organ.

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luch174 Dec 9 2010 says:

ok so let me get this straight depending on the height is the chord.. C, C sharp and D. Then the different materials.. Rock, Wood, Sand and... maybe reed? i have no idea make a different sound.

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SteveZombie Dec 9 2010 replied:

I believe you understand everything perfectly.

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f0u Dec 10 2010 replied:


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Pvt_Pirate May 19 2011 replied:

indeed, thats how i understood it too :D and as you link those blocks with redstone wire, you can make those blocks being played one after another so creating musik instead of noise :)

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Fretmaster Dec 11 2010 replied:

And Notch have said that it will be from C to C, only one octave (?) I hope it will be more =/ And I don't think it will be playing chords, but just single notes

If I understand the pic correctly, reed will have normal "flute" like sound while for example the cactus will have brrt sound (wich I think sounds like 8-bit drum sound?)

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soegel Dec 9 2010 says:

this is actually the best idea since marblecake!!!

...wait is there marblecake in MC already?

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flynsk Dec 9 2010 says:

It would be awesome if you could call mobs with certain chords :)

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luch174 Dec 9 2010 replied:

be like in hl2 with those drums scaring off the flying spider things

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Skylar15 Dec 9 2010 replied:

They are called Antlions

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MightyMonk Dec 9 2010 replied:

..and they weren't drums.

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Croco15 Dec 9 2010 replied:

At first I was like, what the hell are you talking about? and then I read those comments. Anyways, yeah, a alarm you can use to attract/scare away mobs would be awesome!

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xXMaNiAcXx Dec 9 2010 says:

Really neat idea! Maybe if we could use the redstone to connect the blocks that creates the music in an order to make the beats like this 1--2--3-4, so, first block (number 1) would beat first, second and third would have the same dealy to each other, while fourth would quickly beat after third.

I really wanna be a musician in minecraft now ^-^

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SteveZombie Dec 9 2010 replied:

Does this idea remind anyone of the Gyroids of Animal Crossing or am I going nuts?

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p0rtalplayer Dec 9 2010 replied:

Me too, actually

Still a neat idea though!

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Raphiell Dec 9 2010 says:

drums? they are not drums

drums would be neat in Minecraft though

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_WASP_ Dec 10 2010 says:

you could use link this up to a pressure plate and use it as an alarm.... beethoven no.9 whenever ur house is gonna be creeper pwnd

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mcxavier64 Dec 10 2010 says:

Kizzycocoa is notch!!!!!

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Kizzycocoa Author
Kizzycocoa Dec 13 2010 replied:


what gave me away? I was really smart and made an entire second life with different real life friends, an interest in MSPA RPing and also making two portal mods, overall planning this ruse for over 3 years.


yeah, I'm not Notch :P

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BananaClip Dec 10 2010 says:

...and now the race is on to create Minecraft's first indigenous tune XD

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Tarrker Dec 14 2010 says:

I've been playing minecraft for a while now and I don't have a CLUE want any of the materials here are supposed to be. I only recognize the wood. I am REALLY curious about this device, tho. I'll have to look this one up on YouTube later.

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While on the subway after work today, me, jeb, Kappische and jnkboy came up with a really neat new use for redstone.

I'll just go implement this now.. brb! --Notch

Dec 9th, 2010
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