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Jul 24 2011 Anchor

Post mod ideas for what you would like to see in the game! it can be anything frome small fixes to new biomes with animals Ect.
Ex. I would like if someone fix the thing with that axes dont work on some things made out of tree like stairs.
P.S. I am not a modder this thread is for modders who looks for new ideas!

Sep 11 2011 Anchor

Prehaps we should set up a real ecosystem, i.e.

Wild grass>Cattle and other passive mobs>Wolfs and other predators>people/pig men.

give them all food bars and tell them to eat when hungry (Or hurt).

from there we could se up a herding code so that prey work together for their own beifit and predators stalk and take on the weaker ones of that.

we could even include a migration pattern!

just my 2 cents. :)

Sep 12 2011 Anchor

Grate Idea!! To bad no one posts anything :(

Sep 12 2011 Anchor

Its a shame really. would have thought this forum would be quite popular. :)

Sep 18 2011 Anchor

Yeah I but i guess ppl only visit this DB becuase of the constant uppdating by Kizzycocoa

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