Minecraft is a first-person fighter/sandbox construction game created by Mojang AB.

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Aug 28 2011 Anchor

First off,in order to play minecraft you need a brain,if you can't think than don't play this.This game isn't about killing stuff,go play CoD or whatever if you wanna just randomly kill things...Now to begin you must know that the game won't have SUPER HD graphics and no more cubes in the release,quit trying to change how the game looks,this is minecraft.Now beggining with your spawn journey you'll need a basic home,the bigger the home project the better.Once you've built the basics you'll start expanding.Afterwords you should head to the underground caves,lots of dangers lurk in them.Once you've gathered your minerals you can keep going.Continue on by finding rare things such as pumpkins or look for a snow biome to gather some nice pine trees.But let's stop for a sec,this is minecraft.When you play this you'll need a goal,you can't just run around without a goal.If you don't give yourself a challange/quest than you will feel bored.Currently for me the quest is to finnish my log house,what about you?The only way you'll have fun in this game is if you make up goals and enjoy the game for what it is.

Sep 8 2011 Anchor

Personaly im building a series of town and villages around my spawn area.

may eventually minecart them up, but for now im focusing on provideing enough girth to the town to make them feel like towns.

still would be nice to have some NPC humans to populate them with. :)

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