I play a variety of games, I don't really stick to a single game for long. I used to work on the Shattered lands mod for Men of War Assault squad, but I "left the team" a long time ago because I simply lost interest in the game, and didn't have the time to put towards a huge project being done by a small team. If I find mods that have content that is without a shadow of a doubt, stolen from another game or mod that did not give permission for it to be reused, I will report it. you don't have to like it, but I don't care. Read the fucking TOS

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3 comments by Kastrenzo on Jun 4th, 2013

Warning. There is a little foul language in this rant, so if you are offended by F-Bombs and other four letter words. Please stop reading now.

Digitalmindsoft, DMS for short. Is a small time German company that somehow took over rights to the Men of War series, It's original Developer Bestway from Ukraine, doesn't seem to be doing anything with the IP anymore, and it's parent Russian Publisher, 1C, Tested the waters and got chased away pretty quick after Men of War Vietnam, and how horrible it was.

Before i go any further I'm just going to make it clear that I don't actually care about Men of War anymore, it was a fun toybox to play around with. and DMS's MOW:Assault Squad was a polished improved version of the original, but it hasn't aged well. And in DMS' hands, they've done little to improve it. I mostly play other games like Planetside 2 now, But I still occassionally keep up with the MOW Moddb page. Just because like I said, it's a toybox that I come back to once in a while

They're making some kind of modern war spinoff now called Call to Arms, and it literally looks like Call of duty, American steamroller faction against obscure unknown rebel faction which is most likley just going to be "ragheads" No racism intended there, with weak weapons. Kind of like what Arma 2 Op Arrowhead was like.

For reasons I forgot, DMS blocked me from their youtube site, I don't remember what I said but it was obviously something that got their jimmies in a tussle, I've been dissapointed with DMS ever since they started rolling out updates for MOWAS, Which were horribly prioritized. One update they released a bunch of high res grenades and rifle ammo clips. which are literally like the size of someone's hand or smaller. but still hadn't updated the infantry models which are like 6 years old. Or the fact that the USA Faction had an entire new motor pool of fancy HD models whereas the Germans had like, 2 tanks, everything else was also 5 years old. Anyway my guess was that I called them out on that, and they didn't like that, and blocked me.

Then I started poking shit at how they were asking for backers, and wanted something like One million Euros backed soley from their community *which no offense to MOW fans, but a lot of them seem to be minors, or people who pirated the game*. so that's a joke too.

Anyway. getting to the point. After discovering I was blocked by their youtube account, I posted the same message meant for YT on the corresponding DMS Forums page. it reads as follows

"So are you ever going to show us what the other faction looks like? or are you only going to show US Weaponry like some kind of bad military geek's wet dream.
Should we all just assume that the enemy faction are just peasants in rags and turbans with AKs?....
Seriously, you've shown us like 11 renders of the same M1 Abrams, and a Million M4s. show some other stuff DMS.
Also, please. this time don't spend weeks making new Grenade models when you still have other models that are 6 years old."

Today "Instinct" the director or CEO or whomever, informed me that i've recieved another infraction for "flaming", and removed the comment without so much as offering to answer any of my questions.

I've had it with these pansies, These sorry sacks of shit cannot take any kind of criticism whatsoever, the only thing that is acceptable to them is for you to get on your knees, kiss their ass and praise them for the crumbs they give you. Anything else is 'flaming" and their little hearts just can't take it.

I'm sorry, and excuse my language. but how the fuck are you supposed to grow and improve as a video game developer, as a company, if you are unwilling to listen to feedback and take constructive criticism?

I told Instinct that he can go fuck himself, and to ban me from his website, Because I have absolutley no respect for a company that acts like that. I already disliked DMS for their lack of fucks given in their own mod forums. Mods that used to be on this site, which were removed for having stolen content, are popping up on DMS forums, and getting off scot free over there, DMS doesn't give a shit about Intellectual property. But it does give a shit when you aren't drooling over it's 12 different skins of the same M1A2 tank.

Not buying Call to Arms, Not giving one volcanic shit about DMS anymore. better things to do

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JAck.Daniels Jun 18 2014, 12:19pm says:

" If I find mods that have content that is without a shadow of a doubt, stolen from another game or mod that did not give permission for it to be reused, I will report it."


+7 votes     reply to comment
Kastrenzo Creator
Kastrenzo Jul 20 2014, 7:42am replied:

you people get so mad over it, it makes me wet in the pants.

0 votes   reply to comment
Kastrenzo Creator
Kastrenzo Jan 25 2014, 5:15am replied:

why don't you post comments on my profile without hiding your identity?

+1 vote   reply to comment
λpone Nov 6 2013, 12:34am says:

I've found you again. Youtube.com

+4 votes     reply to comment
Guest Aug 3 2013, 3:23am says:

ahahahahhahaha. My man.. I've been following the community since early 2007.

The modding community for Men of War is a disgrace, if not somewhat disturbing also.

You have mods like World War 2 Chronicles that pass of World of Tanks/ Call of Duty 2/ Theatre of War models as their own.

Even though a "No Ripped Content" rule is enforced on DMS (Apparently), German Soldiers Mod runs rampant with ported models, and somehow gets a pass.

If modders are not stealing from games, their stealing from each other. People I've known in the modding community dealt with this issue many times over.

You have mods like Totaler Krieg, which I have been following in recent months, the Creator's name (Heer_Sturmfuhrer) and the iconography surrounding the mod points to this "disturbing" vibe of romanticizing or even praising Nazism. It's sickening.

Its sadly a dead modding community that never got off the ground, now the reins are in the hands of woefully inept DMS, who's ripped from Men of War the soul which made it a good game in the first place.

You, Kastrenzo seems to be one of the only people who smells through the BS, and I applaud you for it.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Nov 5 2013, 11:29am replied:

Totaler krieg is NOT pro-Nazi. Get the facts straight.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Kastrenzo Creator
Kastrenzo Feb 3 2014, 8:20pm replied:

could of fooled me with the mountain of SS ****.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Private_Scoop Sep 8 2013, 5:33am replied:

What about me? am I stealing contents??

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kastrenzo Creator
Kastrenzo Sep 24 2013, 4:17pm replied:

yes, Now begone, Reptilian Scum.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Private_Scoop Sep 27 2013, 11:21am replied:

Do you mean me? STFU

+2 votes     reply to comment
Private_Scoop Oct 6 2013, 11:16am replied:

Shut the **** up, you're talking bulshit. You didn't got enough oxigen while you're mom ******* your out.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Kastrenzo Creator
Kastrenzo Oct 15 2013, 10:33am replied:

Ok Boss.

It's Oxygen by the way, tough guy

+2 votes   reply to comment
Kastrenzo Creator
Kastrenzo Aug 18 2013, 9:32am replied:

excuse my language by DMS are a bunch of hypocritical pussies, I could care less about them. I think I made a rant blog about my feelings on them before.

It was a fun game to toy around with, but it had **** developers and an even shittier community. didn't have a chance.

Only came on moddb because I was incredibly bored today

+1 vote   reply to comment
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