Kernel Panic is a game about computers. Systems, Hackers and Networks wage war in a matrix of DOOM! The only constraints are time and space; unlike other real time strategy games, no resource economy exists in KP. All units are free in this game, every factory built will be spamming units at all times. You can build more factories, but only on pre-defined areas (datavents). All that remains is pure strategy and tactics. KP makes for a frantically fast-paced, action-oriented game, with a very unique graphical style.

Review RSS Feed GeekGirl says
8 GeekGirl

Jun 14th, 2014

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ran88dom99 says
9 ran88dom99

Dec 5th, 2012

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Midcode says
10 Midcode

Mar 5th, 2012

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ArKanGelMaRk5 says
10 ArKanGelMaRk5

Oct 3rd, 2011

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feroxgrey says
10 feroxgrey

Oct 9th, 2010

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Artemmr says
9 Artemmr

Sep 5th, 2010

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StoneCrowUK says
10 StoneCrowUK

Jul 27th, 2010

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NvRdie says
10 NvRdie

May 22nd, 2010

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bobthedino says
10 bobthedino

Feb 23rd, 2010

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neddiedrow says
10 neddiedrow

Dec 12th, 2009

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