What will YOU do to ensure the survival of the human race?
Jaws Of Extinction also known as "JoE" is a multiplayer horror survival game set on a large open world known as Eden-Nadir, a place known for its beauty and striving wildlife. You will be faced with decisions to make and choices you won't want to make as you battle against the military, the island's wildlife, terrifying infected re-animated humans and other players on the server and the forces of nature.

Choose to follow the story of the game that continues from a single player tutorial that you can choose to play, follow the back story written by our talented scriptwriting team, and continue the story with friends and other players by completing quests issued by NPC survivors, and a guy on a radio that helped you escape your fate!

Play to survive, not to monopolise!

JoE will be Player Vs. Player with a lot of Player Vs. the Environment elements, you may choose to help fellow survivors or you may choose to monopolise Eden-Nadir and rule the new world, but be cautious your actions will affect how the island sees you and they may choose to take you down with the rest of the unwanted pieces of flesh walking about.

JoE's Overview

JoE has been influenced by many other survival games available on Steam and games that are still in development themselves, but here is where we plan to show you where JoE will fit into your life.

  • Short "Single Player" Tutorial Back Story (Optional play)
  • World Events and quests attempt with friends and other players.
  • Player skill system increase your chances of survival.
  • Friendly NPC interaction purchase items, complete quests.
  • Full living wildlife hunt, harvest and craft.
  • Player crafting system are you good with your fingers?
  • Item upgrade system turn your bat into a weapon or great pain.
  • Unique simple User Interface to help rather than hinder
  • Enemy military NPCs ambush, raid, drive them out
  • Infected NPCs that are NO play in the park
  • Player building system fortify native buildings or build your own form of defence.
  • Horde Attacks Protect your living area from huge waves of infected (as many as we can fit into one area without affecting performance).
  • Vehicles Purchase, earn or boost a vehicle to get from A to B.

For more features that we are adding and what is already in game, visit our website or facebook page to follow the development in detail.

What to expect from the JoE Development Team!

We are a very dedicated team of talented individuals from design & programming to composing music & story writing our team aims to deliver a cracking great experience from visually beautiful graphics to heart pumping music & on the edge of your set action packed stories.

We will be going for Greenlight with JoE, when we feel we have something worth getting you, the players to vote on, at the moment we are deep in development and want to make sure we do not make the same mistakes as many other great teams, leaving ourselves open by releasing a product that is not playable because of lack of content, unfinished playing areas or a zombie game with no zombies.

We will only release JoE when we have enough content and a complete map, so you can experience JoE how we attend you to experience it while we improve and add even greater content for you to enjoy even more.

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patch0 2

FIXED: Crafting system not being able to craft bandages
FIXED: Active quests in inventory now displays correct amount
FIXED: Weather PP being disabled at beginplay
FIXED: Random objective marker spawning at 0,0,0
FIXED: Objective not noticing that the player had picked up the rifle before the objective is displayed
FIXED: Aiming bug after looting NPC's.
FIXED: Burning zombie no longer damages you when dead
FIXED: Mercs will not shoot at exterior of barracks wall when player is inside

ADDED: Button spam protection on NVGs
ADDED: Enable Birch trees for harvesting
ADDED: Small stones to foliage on sandbox mode
ADDED: Empty Tin Cans for crafting
ADDED: Natural Twine for crafting
ADDED: Tin Can Alarm Trap can now be crafted
ADDED: Farming Plot can now be crafted
ADDED: Focus to shoulder zoom
ADDED: Additional ammo to downed NPCs
ADDED: First Aid kits to downed NPCs
ADDED: Bandages to downed NPCs
ADDED: Respawn sleepingbags to downed NPCs
ADDED: Sticks as a secondary resource from trees

UPDATED: NVG Glowing AI, now uses MPC (Performance gain)
UPDATED: Reduced NVG Glow
UPDATED: Merc's now require a direct line of sight before attack
UPDATED: Mercs & Zombies now attack each other
UPDATED: Mercs health has been nerfed
UPDATED: Mercs will now find cover before attacking, on sight of Players or Zombies
UPDATED: Projectile damage has been increased to between 7 / 20 damage
UPDATED: Flashlight can now be toggled with "Input Flashlight / Headlights"
UPDATED: All loot containers now have min 3 second timer
UPDATED: All loot containers now have relevent icons in UI
UPDATED: All lootable AI now have loot timer
UPDATED: All lootable AI now have relevent icons in UI
UPDATED: Rain shader now looks more realistic
UPDATED: Doubled Vital display time
UPDATED: On Zombie headshot death, they no longer run towards you.
UPDATE: Increased Weapon damage.
UPDATED: Objective hints to trigger immediately.
UPDATED: lootable and craftable icons
UPDATED: Tweaks to Merc behaviour

REMOVED: Bag shelves from armoury in Guard quarters
REMOVED: Weather MF from world mesh master shader (Performance gain)

NOTES: Allowing projectiles through a UE4 landscape spline collision will require a custom spline, look at Version 0.3 / 0.4 to impliment

Stories from Eden-Nadir: Episode 1 - Nick

Stories from Eden-Nadir: Episode 1 - Nick


The silence that fell was infinitely louder than the screams that had come before it.

Explore the origins of the outbreak!

Explore the origins of the outbreak!


NEW Journal entries every Monday, explore the origins of the outbreak!

Website Revamp - coming this week

Website Revamp - coming this week


We have completely revamped our website adding more detailed information, imagery and features, coming this week - we will keep you posted.

WINNER: Reaker "Name the Dead" Competition

WINNER: Reaker "Name the Dead" Competition


Congrats 2 TormentedPrinze 4 naming our Z "REAKER" - 2nd Forest gaming & 3rd PolarizedMoon all win copies of JoE

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joedevteam Creator
joedevteam Reply Good karma+1 vote

Looks amazing so far! I saw that you all have a console release planned for the game. Will PC launch be the same date as console launch? Or are you guys pushing back console release to a later date?

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joedevteam Creator

Console release will be sometime after we leave Early Access on Steam.

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joedevteam Creator
joedevteam Reply Good karma+1 vote
joedevteam Creator
joedevteam Reply Good karma+1 vote
joedevteam Creator
joedevteam Reply Good karma+1 vote
joedevteam Creator
joedevteam Reply Good karma+1 vote
joedevteam Creator
joedevteam Reply Good karma+1 vote
joedevteam Creator
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joedevteam Creator
joedevteam Reply Good karma+1 vote
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