Islanded it’s a survival nature sandbox game, based basically on reality and trying to achieve high quality experience, but without skimping on what is really important in a sandbox game: creativity. You have been forgotten in the sea, however, you've been lucky enough to end up in what looks like a desert island. Forget about zombies or other creatures, they doesn't exist. The communication with the nature and animals is the key to get access to any corner of the island. Face off against being truly lost. Fight against nature. All your actions will affect permanently the terrain and animals in the island. Search, fight, build, Hide, attack, find, be the king of the island. Be Islanded.

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The open Alpha is ready to be played. This first Alpha update ( add the crafting system, repair some bugs, and improves highly the performance. Keep reading to know how you can play the Alpha and help the development.

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Well, finally Pre-Alpha is gone, and finally you can download the game. Before start, remember that the full changelog will be at the bottom of the news.

First of all, let's see the changelog explained, as this update doesn’t have video to show it, has a Trailer.


The LOD has been rebuilded to decrease the render distance, but improving the non-detailed objects, rendering a lot less objects at full detail, but without impact at the game visuals.
Quality settings has been reconfigured to improve performance on Ultra and High settings. Update Update

Visual Effects

Global Fog is now closer to the player, but it's less dense, making the field of view more realistic.
The shadows no longer blink when the player moves, and the quality has been improved. Update Update


Create system has been added, with 2 new resources, Stick and Rock. Create also add the Workshop and the Workshop menu, to be able to create objects.
Now, every object has his own personal ID, with this ID the object can be easily edited and spawned.
The inventory has now 24 slots. Update


Dynamic waypoints has been added, to be used by the player later on.
New inventory designs has been added with a new pause menu.
The loading screen is now correctly positioned. Update


1/3 of the first island is now completed, and new bushes has been added. Update Update

Alpha Release

OS Support

Islanded was announced for Windows, Linux and Mac. But, this Alpha will come only on Windows and Linux (32bits & 64bits). This decision is because the conversion to one system to other create a
lot of bugs. Windows is totally tested and will work fine, but Linux is not tested that much. It's important that we keep focused only in one system to repair bugs of conversion. While Linux keep the "untested" status, Mac version will doesn’t come out. Sorry to all Mac users. Build

This first build is made to test the game in different systems and specs, and it's made too to test linux builds. This means that the game is not actually ready to be played like other games, you can play and use all the content already in the game, but has some limitations.

Know bugs and game limitations

Read this carefully to avoid unnecessary questions and bug reports:


THERE ARE NO DROPS O RESOURCES TO COLLECT. THE RANDOM GENERATOR STILL IN DEVELOPMENT AND IS NOT YET IMPLEMENTED. That means that you can gather resources spawned already in the scene the test them, but you cant get more, they just doesn’t spawn. This will be implemented too ASAP.

SOME TREES (SMALLER ONES) DOESN'T DROP ANYTHING. This trees uses a different kind of wood that
is not in this update, but that is already in the next update.

THE WATER IS DISABLED. Explained in the last update, water will keep disabled to prevent heavy performance drops.

enter to a new game, and you close the game or return to main menu, the options will be re-established. This happens because the game doesn’t save anything, as said before. Is recommended to enter only once to the options, and never enter again to keep the resolution, sound and quality options as defined.

THERE AREN'T RECIPES TO CREATE OBJECTS. The only recipe actually added is the stone hatchet
(1x stick 1x rock). You can create them in the workbench, but there isn’t any result as object.

Available terrain

At this moment a 1/3 part of the 1rst Island is totally complete. This includes the south coast and the mountain. You can see this zones in the trailer on Desura's page. The rest of the island is empty.

Release date & info

The game will be available on Desura July 27th.

You can use Desura launcher or download the game DRM-FREE to play it without using Desura. If you use Desura launcher the game will be updated automatically, but DRM-FREE let's you use the files as you want, you decide.
The game has a size of 172 – 184 MB, depending the system.


Right now the game doesn’t have any tutorial or informative labels. Here you have all the keyboard keys that the game uses. For now, you can't change them.

Move: W,A,S,D
Look around: Mouse
Attack: Left Mouse Button
Zoom view: Right Mouse Button
Jump: Space
Crouch: Ctrl Left
Interact: E

Toggle Inventory:
Equip item: Double click
Drop item: Right Mouse Button

Toggle Workshop Menu: Tab
Pause menu: Escape


This version is made exclusive for that. To get feedback. You will have always in the menu direct links to send feedback on IndieDB comments (,
Desura comments (
or the Official Forum (

All 3 are accepted, but all your feedback will be recollected and stored on the forums.
Even if you doesn’t have anything to comment about, is always appreciated a “Works fine” comment, to know how the game is working.

Bugs and Support

As well as the feedback works, will work the bugs and errors. You can still use the 3 “channels”, but here is highly recommended use the bugs section in the forums, to prevent repeated bugs or already answered.

To report problems that highly affects the game, you can contact support in the next email:

Keep that in mind, because any comment related with problems with the game will be answered with the phrase “send an email to: ".


The game will be updated ASAP. As the game is on Desura, we cant just upload a new version every week. All the files need to pass trough a filter of Desura, and that takes time. Updates will be a little slower, but that means that will be bigger and better. As well, maybe a OS is updated first than others.


The game will have a wiki. Of course, the wiki is a late project, but we have already the Wikia page.

Web sites & Forums

Both websites and the forums will be updated the release day with new content, download
links, media kits and more. And the forums will be daily revised.

A reminder to all of new accounts on the forums: Use temporal emails automatically mark your
account has Spam and will be deleted. You need an actual and real email to create and account and ask for help or post bugs.

Don’t worry about your email, we don’t send anything. If you want to receive an email newsletter you can enter your email here.


Here are some FAQ. A lot of more questions will be updated here.
As said before, your feedback and suggestions will make that FAQ get bigger, as the game does.

Which are the system requirements for Islanded?
For now, we only have the recommended requirements, minimum are just speculated. This can
change, and is probably that the final requirements become lower. Only based on Intel and Nvidia for now.

CPU: i5 2500 3.0 Ghz
RAM: -
OS: Windows XP / Linux -
GPU: Nvidia 400 (GTX) series
Disk Space: 500MB

CPU: i7 3770 3.5 Ghz or higher.
RAM: -
OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Linux -
GPU: Nvidia 600 (GTX) series or higher.
Disk Space: 1GB

How much Islanded will cost? When will be released?

The game will be available worldwide July 27th on Desura page.
Islanded will be FREE during Alpha, Beta and posterior development versions. A full release of Islanded can be expected with a low price, all depending on game status and stores available.

Will Islanded come to Steam?
No. For now. The game can only enter by Greenlight, and the actual status of the game is not the appropriate for Steam. Is definitely a 100% option to consider, but not during Alpha.

Islanded will support Mods?
The game is made with Unity, and is not a very friendly-mod supporter. Too enable mod compatibility is necessary a “build from 0” API, actually is not even in the list of things to do.

Full Changelog

  • Added create system & workshop
  • Reduced Global Fog distance
  • Reduced Global Fog density
  • Reduced shadow distance
  • Improved shadow quality
  • Reduced LOD distance
  • Upgraded LOD far distance shadows
  • Added crafting recipes
  • Added pause menu
  • Serialized items by ID
  • Added waypoints on HUD
  • Improved inventory menu
  • Added dynamic create menu
  • Improved loading screen
  • Augmented player inventory by 24
  • Added Rock and stick resources
  • Finalized 1/3 of 1st Island
  • Improved performance by 30FPS
  • Improved quality settings
  • Added bushes and other vegetation

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