Industrial Revolution is a new game I'm working on. It's a tycoon/simulator game, in which you start with nothing, and have the freedom to build up a massive industrial infrastructure, from de-forestry to power stations. It's going to be open-ended, with no linear path to take and a variety of methods of building up an empire. The game is still in VERY early development, but you've got to start somewhere and it's a game I'm investing a lot of my energy into. I'm currently looking for an artist, and possible programmers, so if anybody is interested in supporting my project, please get in touch!

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Anywhere [OLD] 2D Artist at Blueprint Games

2d artist blueprint games anywhere artists i'm working on a game called industrial revolution. it's a top down tycoon/construction style game, and of course i'm going to need some nice graphics for the tiles, buildings etc. i'm looking for somebody with a keen interest and willing to stick around as the game is made. no past experience, just good at drawing 2d game art and easy going!

Industrial Revolution
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