Hard Truck 2 has over 18 different trucks to control. Besides transporting cargo and completing tasks you can engage in time trails, obstacle courses, and one on one track racing.

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Favourite childhood game!
Unfortunately, the game won't run on modern hardware.
Everytime I try to launch the game it comes up with this message:
Your computer does not have graphic accelerator

I've tried many times to get it running again, it all failed.

Firstly I tried to just install it and try to play, didn't work.
Second time, installed the game with VirtualBox on Windows XP, didn't work.
Third, I tried some googling, and found out the game uses DirectX 7, which isn't supported by Windows 10. Tried VirtualBox once again after installing DirectX 7, didn't work.

The only way to run the game is to use a very old computer, from atleast 2005 or older. Or the company has to update the game, since it's not open source and which will not happen becouse JoWood is defunct.

If someone can get it to run on modern hardware, please tell me.

My hardware:
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-5200U CPU @ 2.7GHz
Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500
SSD: 128 GB | HDD: 1 TB

Wonderful game, great memories.


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Great game. One of the best car simulators ever made, in every way.


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