A strategic management game, best described as a sci-fi tower defence game with moving spaceships and configurable units. Design your own ships from a series of hulls+modular components, group the ships into a fleet, give the fleet orders and positions and then watch it engage in OTT gratuitous space battles against enemy fleets.

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Dec 24th, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't


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Gratuitous Space Battles – look at that name, and tell me you don’t want to purchase it. This game is very similar to the ship building and combat of Galactic Civ II. It’s a simple but great game that can easily absorb hours and hours of your time if you like customizing ships and playing around with conditions and commands. Certainly a niche game, but what a good niche game indeed.

I would consider it a steal at $5 or less, and an argument for it being worth $10 could easily be made. Its lack of RPG elements, little fleet selection, and terrible DLC system should keep you from buying it at its normal price of $20 though.

General_Hoohah says
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At first I really liked this game... especially for the price I payed. Then it started to feel really monotonous and excessively difficult to a point where I felt like throwing something out a window. Even though you can set a lot of peramiters on how the AI behaves, the AI is still pretty stupid. You can't intervene AT ALL and have to just sit back and watch the battles, which is the most annoying thing I've ever experienced. It wouldn't be so bad if the AI wasn't so stupid, but still I want to actually have SOME control over what's going on. Interesting approach to a strategy game, but a total failure in my book.

Also... it feels cheap, the graphics suck, there's no substance... it just feels very mediocre like a five dollar flash game. I'm sorry I spent the couple dollars I spent on this game, I don't even think it was worth that.

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I really love this game!!!!

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this game is best. i am owner NEW GATE PACK and like make mod and module

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this game is amazing! if your one who likes to build your force give it commands and then watch as the carrnage unfolds then this the game for you!

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I love space and battles. This game gives me both in such a cool way.

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The demo works supergood with mods anyway i cant change races so i maked the mod race ships to be mine.

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The only thing that didn't work perfectly was saving ship constructions with some ship types like fighter - you must've saved it repeatedly for it to work.

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An excellent game, simple, intuitive, and generally well-designed.

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