Full Metal Combat is a collection of mecha based games that all take part inside the Metalverse. Current focus is on the "FMC: Generals" title which is a turn based strategy card game where you play as an invading General trying to take over land important to your nation.

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As this is my first piece of news i have posted I thought it would be fitting to make it a short over view of the games story and world layout.

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FMC is an Action RPG Shooter set in a futuristic world where competition style combat has replaced War. You play as one of three main characters, each from a different nation with unique back stories, but all with the same goal. Take down the current number one ranked competitor and replace him for the sake of your nation. The competiton it self takes place in a perpouse built floating city constructed out of the strongest materials available so it can width stand the constant conflict. This giant city was built by the Unified nation who had remained nutral in the on going WWIII untill they decided that it had to end so they came up with the solution of organised combate in a safe enviroment insted of wide spread bloody war. Thanks to there technological superiority the other three nations had no option but to agree to this solution to the war. The city it self is devided in to 7 districts this is to keep competitors from going to areas that they are not yet equiped to handle. Each district has Sanctuary which is a large spire that hosts all arena matches as well as giving competiors a safe haven to relax and buy/sell new equipment. Out side of the Sanctuarys is a large open district full of large towers, combat zones and interactive combat zones. Beneath the districts are Catecombs, they are a long interconecting maze of tunnels and chambers. Scattered threwout the Districts towers and catecombs are many valuable items as well as AAU which will try are kill you. Bellow the catecombs are masive factory that build AAUs and deploy them threw out the city using lifts and telliporters, this level of the city is in exesable to compeditors.To progress from one district to another you need two things, first you must be of a heigh enough rank and second you must compleate a trial at the gate. The trial is to defeat the gate keeper in one on one combat, this need only be done onece to prove your self.The ending of the game is a surprise but to get to it you must first increase your rank in the competition to a high enough level that you can chalenge the number one player then you must defeat him.

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