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This post covers in-detail what makes up the RIGs weapons. It is broken up in to three sections, Brief description of RIG weapon, weapon restrictions and groupings and weapon properties and what they do including naming convention.

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This post gives an in-depth loon in to what makes up the RIGs weapons. It is broken up in to three sections, Brief description of RIG weapon, weapon restrictions and groupings and weapon properties with descriptions of what they do and the current weapon naming convention.

All RIG weapons are energy based with a few key attributes in common. They all have their own internal capacitors that are used to store power. They all produce heat when fired and have a max safe heat tolerance. They can only be recharged while not active for safety. And they all do damage. And they all get weaker the further they travel.

Weapon Groupings and Restriction:

Bellow are large groupings that can divide the weapons up.

- All weapons even the ones obtained by Quests have a Rank, this is from E to A. (Note that if you get your hands on an A Rank weapon and you are E Rank you can still use it as long as your not in an arena match.)
- The simplest split is mounted or holstered; all weapons are one or the other. (Think of holstered like a conventional gun and mounted like the predator shoulder cannon.)
- They can also be divided in to size from Small to XL.
- They can also be grouped by origin; this can be sanctuary, specialty, district or quest. (If it is sanctuary you can buy it anywhere, if it is specialty you can only get it at a particular shop, if it is district you can only get it by finding it in the district or destroying an AAU in the district and finally if it is quest you can only obtain it by completing a quest these items can not be sold or traded.)

Bellow are two sets of rules that govern what weapons can be and do.

All weapons fall in to one of 4 active categories, (0 = one handed, 1 = one or two handed, 2 = two handed and 3 = mounted)
-If the weapon is one handed then it must be assigned to a hand to be active.
-If the weapon is one/two handed the weapon must be assigned to 2 hands to be fully effective but can be assigned to just one if the competitor has duel wielding skill high enough.
-If the weapon is two handed then it must be assigned to both hands to be used.
-If the weapon is mounted then it does not need to be assigned to a hand to be active, however four arm mounted weapons cannot be active while holding a two handed weapon.

All weapons fall in to one of 4 size categories, (o = small, 1 = medium, 2 = large, 3 = XL)

-If the weapon is small then it can be holstered to any small, medium or large spot but not XL ones.
-If the weapon is medium then it can be holstered to any medium or large spots but not to a small or XL spot.
-If the weapon is large then it can be holstered to any large or XL spots but not small or medium spots.
-If the weapon is XL then it can be holstered to XL spots only.
-Also mounted weapons only come in medium and large.

Weapon Variables:
All weapons in the game are based on the same set of variables. This means by changing the variables shown you can make any weapon that could exist inside the rules of this game. One reason I am going as far as to show off the actually variables not just talk about what they can do is that I intend on making this game very easy to mod and to create weapons of your own in this game you will need to know the actual variable name and possible properties.

Key Variable eg DescriptionKey SWE Unique key to identify the weapon.
Name SWE Display name of the weapon.
BasicDamage 29 60 Range of basic damage dealt.
FireDamege 0 0 Range of fire damage dealt.
ElectricalDamage 0 0 Range of electrical damage dealt.
PiricingDamage 0 0 Range of pricing damage dealt.
FourceDamage 0 0 Rang of fource damage dealt.
ExplociveRadius 5 Range of explosive damage
ChargeTime 0 Amount of time needed to reach full power.
Acuracy 0 Possible angle deflection in deg.
ShotsPerSecond 0.5 How fast it can fire.
Recoil 20 Amount of recoil per shot. 0-100
BarrelsAtOnce 1 Number of weapon barrels that fire at once.
FiringMode Sequential Used for weapons with multiple barrels, Sequential or Simultainious.
NumberOfBarrels 1 Number of barrels the weapon has.
Togelable False This is true if it can be swaped between Sequential and Simultainious.
ProjectilesPerBurst 0 Used if you wish weapon to fire short bursts then pause for a time.
TimeBetweenBursts 0 Time to wait between bursts.
BarrelOffset 0 .035 1.5 XYZ distance of barrel exit from handle.
BarrelDirection 0 0 -1 XYZ direction of barrel from weapon.
TargetStyle Dir Dir, Vec, Heat, MTA
MTA False Weapon has multiple target acquisition.
PowerPerShot 10 Energy used per shot.
MaxCapacitor 4000 Max energy stored in the weapon (clip).
RechargeSpeed 50 Energy per second recharge when holstered.
MaxHeat 500 Max heat can reach before shutting down.
HeatPerShot 1 Heat produced per shot.
CoolDown 100 Heat bleed of per sec when not firing.
Class Small Small (Pistol), Medium (Rifle), Large (High power rifle), XL (BFG "Britanya")
Weight 20 Weight of the weapon in KG.
ProjectileSize 1.5 Size of the projectile in m.
Persistant False True if it can go threw walls and objects.
DelayDetonation 0 Time between impact and explosion.
Sticks False Does the projectile stick once it has hit its target.
RepeateFrequency 0 If the projectile sticks how often does it deal damage.
RepeatLife 0 How long does it live for once sticking.
TargetLock False Can lock on to targets.
HeatSeeking False Projectile will chase heat signatures.
ProximityRange 0 Explode if gets with in distance of possible target.
RemoteDetination False Like pipe bomb.
Velocity 53 Meters per sec.
VelocityFallOff 0 mpss projectile slows down.
Range 500 Projectile range in m.
LifeTime 10 Projects life span.
TurrningSpeed 0 Deg per sec can turn, only for seeking weapons.
BasicDamageBonus 0 What it sounds like.
FireDamegeBonus 0 What it sounds like.
ElectricalDamageBonus 0 What it sounds like.
PiricingDamageBonus 0 What it sounds like.
FourceDamageBonus 0 What it sounds like.
ExplociveRadiusBonus 0 What it sounds like.
WeaponMesh B_HybridTw.mesh Name of weapon model.
MuzelFlashEffect BFG_Flash Name of particle effect.
ChargeEffect NULL Name of particle effect.
ProjectileMesh FlareBall.mesh Name of particle effect.
ProjectileTrail BFG_Trail Name of particle effect.
ProjectileHit CPC_Exp Name of particle effect.
UnlockClass ClassE Class you have to reach to be able to buy E-A.
Cost 4500 Cost to buy weapon.
Origen Sanctuary Where the weapon comes from.
Sanctuary Troy Which Sanctuary you can buy it at.

Currently Beging Used Weapon Naming Convention (work in progress):

The naming convention is based around a 3 letters 3 numbers system.
Where the 4 letters describe the weapon and the 3 numbers are used to make it unique only.The first 2 letters are not optional in what they mean, however the last 2 can be any that accurately describe the weapon.

Rank Lock (Needed)E - E ClassD - D ClassC - C ClassB - B ClassA - A Class
Type (Needed)X- XL rifleL - Large RifleR - RifleH - hand gunM - Medium MountedW - Large Mounted
Origin (Optional)S - Sanctuary ArmoryD - Found out in the district (eather laying around or by killing AAU)L - Limmited to specialty shopsU - Unique (Must compleate a certin task, can not be sold)
Damage Type (Optional)B - BasicP - PercingF - Fire damageE - Electrical damageD - Force damageC - Combination
Defining Abilities (Optional)C - ChargeD - Prozimity detonationM - Multiple barrels S - SimultaniusI - Persistant (Impale)T - Target locking
eg.AXCI-086 "Birtha"AXCD-019 "Brittania"AXFT-003 "Dragons Breath"

That rounds up this in-depth look in to what makes a RIG weapon thanks for your time. If you have any questions or thoughts don’t hesitate to ask.And again for those who are interested in finding out more about the game or giving input on what you think about the game you can go to the Facebook page Facebook.com, all input is appreciated.

Good Bye


That's really alot of text but yea it explains alot of information so well done on that.

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