After unending war with metastreumonic Force, the powerful organisation Secreta Secretorum that you belong to is finally ready to undermine the head-strong federation, despite an intense struggle for power.

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It's fun but some kinks need to be worked out, instant npc sight, the random respawning system, the fact it saves online rather than on your system - leading to you having to start a whole mission or area because of a single death. (Some deaths are excrutiatingly annoying too where something happens like your clones spawn on you taking most of you health down and the ais 2 hit you.)

I really like the complicated nature of the ui and skills and the hacking is fun too, quite old school.

The combat is worked out well and seems good although I can't use the inventory for some reason and with the limited space on your body you can't pick up any new items which takes away from the rpg element.

The ai isn't the best but they do prove a challenge, although the challenge is more in the amount of the waves.

The graphics are great for an indie game and really push the boat out with the source engine, theres alot of very unique noir cyberpunk scenery crossed with w40k although some props are used a little too much for my liking.

I would suggest anyone who likes cyberpunk to buy though, hopefully it will get fixed but it's still buckets of fun.

I got this game on sale for $2 on Steam; I think it's a wonderful game (I tend to like non-linear shooters) with the amount of choice it gives you but that's all overwhelmed by the horrible translation and User Interface design

I didn't know what was going on, or what I was supposed to do, or why I should care for this and that; the game does give you a lot of text and dialogue to sift through but it left me with more questions than answers (shoddy english translation) and by the end I just ignored the story and shot things to death

As for the UI design, it's extremely vague and clunky; I didn't know how to hack right, the inventory management felt awkward, I didn't know how the researching worked, and so on

In this case I would've consulted the video tutorials already present in the game but again they're poorly translated and were a chore to go through (I tried to find a manual for the game but there isn't one?)

A game's story is one of the selling points of any Role Playing game, and in E.Y.E's case they shot that out the window with subpar translation and delivery (sifting through pages of text isn't exactly fun to do in 2011) and as a consequence the game in general is extremely confusing (the video tutorials seldom help at all).

But at least I enjoyed it for what its worth for $2, fun game with nice shooting mechanics

Bought this on day of release and never regretted it. The game has only got better with patches. If you can look past the bugs, it's a fantastic game.

Most ****** up, weird, out of this world, obscure and bizarre game I have ever played. It's a very rough pearl covered in 3 tons of muck. But once you get into it, you want to play it over and over just to see what it will do next. And for this price it's hard to resist.

This game is OK. It needs to take a better direction though.

i really liked it cause the gunplay feels really good (gta5 made me sad) and the skills system. im in love with this game, would like to see it grow and maybe get mods or support from the dev(like postal 2).


Nice atmosphere, Interesting world, Fun mechanics. Only issue is translations can be jarring, and it doesn't explain itself well. Has fun, but dead multiplayer. Every mission is a small open world leading to a nice mix between the freedom of true open world and the direction of tradtional maps etc

Dark future setting - a rarity that contrasts
from all the clean tidyworks of others.

I remember playing this game about a month after it came out, I really liked the setting and the content but the game was unplayable due too performance issues and bugs. But I had recently found out that the devs of the game have been updating the game since release , in fact they just updated two weeks ago. So I decided to fire the game up and boy I am glad I did! All the performance errors (had a few crashes, but I think those are due to my computer disliking source engine games, I have the same issues with HL2) are gone almost all the bugs are gone, the combat is fun buy challenging, there is a great skill system, a research system, and a cyber tech system. I really love this game and would recommend getting it next time its on sale.

I have some issues with EYE cybermancy

-No Quick-saving. The checkpoint-system is weird, unexplained and doesn't at all fit an RPG.
-No stealth. Despite all the stealth skills and silenced sniper rifles, stealth is completely useless. Enemies see you from miles and miles away, not only through thick mist that you as the player can't see through, but also through objects and even walls!

Apart from that, that alt-tabbing out crashes the game...
I heard it had some lag & bugs and glitches at launch (some ladders wouldn't activate).. that feels like a 'fly in the soup' of a great game.

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