After unending war with metastreumonic Force, the powerful organisation Secreta Secretorum that you belong to is finally ready to undermine the head-strong federation, despite an intense struggle for power.

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I have some issues with EYE cybermancy

-No Quick-saving. The checkpoint-system is weird, unexplained and doesn't at all fit an RPG.
-No stealth. Despite all the stealth skills and silenced sniper rifles, stealth is completely useless. Enemies see you from miles and miles away, not only through thick mist that you as the player can't see through, but also through objects and even walls!

Apart from that, that alt-tabbing out crashes the game...
I heard it had some lag & bugs and glitches at launch (some ladders wouldn't activate).. that feels like a 'fly in the soup' of a great game.

Great stuff!

Tons of cool stuff, cool ideas and neat visuals without sense of overall direction. Looks like "let's just throw it in" without asking why and what for. All that for nothing because you get your generic shooter in the end.

Seriously, despite all the possibilities gameplay consists of bots running around and shooting at you. This game needs a much better level design in terms of gameplay.

With the recent patch, the game has finally reached the state it should have been released in.

Really looking forward to what this studio does next.

Very unique, cyberpunk setting. Rather reminiscent to the first Deus Ex game in some ways. Very fun.

Great Cyberpunk FPS, a hybrid of Deus Ex and System Shock 2 on the Source Engine. Great gunplay, but theres plenty of options if you dont want to run and gun. RE4 style replayability along with a side mission mechanic with always differing objectives let you revisit finished areas. The areas are huge (for source) and detailed and you can level up to your hearts content. The game has its share of laughs, sometimes not completely intentionally, the audio isn't in English (which
I thought added to the atmosphere), the localization is sometimes silly, and the complexity of all the systems (cybertech, hacking, psiforce, research) in the game is staggering at first but you get to understand it a few hours in.

Omg, this game, is, freaking amazing!!!

While the translation suffers, the game's atmosphere is enough to compensate.

Very confusing game, gave up on 3rd level

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