Dungeon Colony is a 2D fantasy real-time strategy game in which you take control over a Dungeon Lord and his loyal Minions to explore and build a Dungeon and save your colony from the brink of extinction. Command your Minions to dig out tunnels and rooms, craft items from resources they collect, and set up traps to defend your new home against greedy heroes. The mountain harnesses powerful magic that has the potential to give you control over the lands around you. But it's up to you to uncover its secrets before you are overrun by your enemies.

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Won't dungeons be more dark, so the lights could illuminate much better ?

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w01fram Author

You can place lights freely anywhere you want in the dungeon. You can place torches on walls or camp fires/firebowls on the ground. =)

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I don't like the crafting system. Having enough ressources should be enough isntead of having them to place all over the grid.

Nevertheless I look forward to this as it will be the new Dungeon Keeper hopefully...

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w01fram Author

Yea, I'm still balancing it out, but crafting will remain like that for the most part, cause that will allow you to make nifty unique items eventually.

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Dungeon Colony is a 2D Top-Down Real Time Strategy indie game currently in open alpha development. You can get early access and participate in the development experience of this game. Early Access is currently open to players who have signed up for pre-alpha (officially over) or who purchase an early access account (currently available: DungeonColony.com).

The pre-release features an open sandbox mode in which game concepts are tested. A tutorial and main quest mode is currently being developed and new levels and scenarios will be released periodically.

You can expect a lot of new features in coming releases. Besides new levels, features will include:
- Level Editor to make your own maps and quests.
- Improved Controls and UI (player customizable)
- Improved AI
- New tiles, resources, objects, creatures, crafting recipes
- A Forum
- Sound and Music

If you have any suggestions or feedback, or if you would like to get in contact, please visit the contact page: DungeonColony.com

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