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Circuits and Shields is the modern gamer's MOBA. It is a new take in a world of MOBA clones and generic gameplay, taking the knowledge gained from over a decade of MOBA design and improving it in every aspect. Circuits takes familiar concepts like items or stats and both simplifies and deepens them, making it a great fit for both new players and MOBA veterans alike. Players choose from a colorful cast of champions, each with their own unique play style, and battle it out in a variety of unique arenas where no game is like the last.

The number one question always asked is "What makes us different from every other MOBA?" and the honest answer is there is no one major feature that's going to revolutionize the genre. Our goal is to make the smartest MOBA, keeping things familiar, but also utilizing 10 years of lessons learned from MOBAs to make a better game experience. Here's just a few things we've targeted:

  • Items: Forced item recipes means new players are forced to memorize an entire new shop (even MOBA veterans) and learn build paths, starting items, etc. We've fixed that by making a more guided, yet more flexible tiered approach. There's only a handful a base items and those base items are upgraded based on your choices, not forced ones.
  • Spell Levels: We've replaced boring spell levels with the "Augment Tree". A simple to use, but powerful tool that allows you to customize the way each of your champion abilities work. Because this introduces so much variety per champion, it also reduces the burden of knowledge of new players. One champion played three different ways is much easier to learn than three separate champions.
  • Gameplay: Some MOBA matches drone on in PvE simulator mode where player's are farming non-stop until one big thing happens, then it goes back to farming. To remedy this, we've introduced the idea of Favor, or "Team Gold", a shared resource that allows each team to collaborate on some major Arena-wide event, i.e. dropping a Meteor on them or summoning a massive golem to finally break the grid-lock. We've also introduced objective-based events in certain arenas, such as the Carnage Event, which teleports both teams into an ever-shrinking Arena, forcing that 5v5 team fight you've been dreaming of.
  • Varied Arenas: We fully realize we'll never be able to break into, nor do we want to, the fully defined metas of the 3 lane/towers/main base style MOBA maps, they are old at this point. We've fixed that by creating completely new game types such as Circuitball, a no-minion Arena focusing on throwing/carrying a ball into an endzone, and Siege, a round-based mode that's the Helm's Deep of MOBAs. We'll eventually have our standard 3 lane map, but we've got some really neat ideas in the works for that as well that will set us apart from the rest.
  • It's the Little Things: Lastly and most importantly, we're doing the little things correct. We've simplified several stats and formulas, you don't need to pull out a calculator to figure out how much damage you're doing. We've got some absolutely awesome champions with never before seen mechanics like projectile portals, reflectors, or even one based on weapon switching and a brand new mechanic we call an "equilibrium meter". We promise once you play Circuits and Shields, everything else will feel outdated.
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Happy to reveal our first official champion showcase featuring Vexa, the Eternal Conservator. This is our first ever video so we explain a bit what Circuits and Shields is and dive into Vexa's kit and playstyle.

The Path to Paradise - Circuits and Shields Main Theme

The Path to Paradise - Circuits and Shields Main Theme


Happy to announce our main music theme, "The Path to Paradise", which details the first steps into the lush utopia of the god-like Avos.

Progress Update: Screenshots

Progress Update: Screenshots

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Circuits is finally ready to show off some of our work inside the engine. We've got some neat screenshots both gameplay and our level to show off!

Champion Reveal: Hamon, Heaven's Butcher

Champion Reveal: Hamon, Heaven's Butcher


Come learn about the ridiculously epic Hamon, Heaven's Butcher, an upcoming champion in the new MOBA game Circuits and Shields. Hamon features never before...

Champion Reveal: Toro, the Not-So Grim Reaper

Champion Reveal: Toro, the Not-So Grim Reaper


Come find out about the origin of Toro, the Not-So Grim Reaper, a Fabled boy whose curiosity got him into a bit of a hairy situation.

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Sneak peek at our item shop! All the stars and boxes will make sense eventually I promise! #indiedev

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Just finished the layout for our item tooltips! Super excited to explain what all this means and reveal the whole s…

Feb 17 2018

We made a video! Come check out our first official video, showcasing one of our champions: Vexa, the Eternal Conser…

Feb 11 2018

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