As a servant of a paladin you hate and hunt necromancers. During the battle with one particularly vile necromancer, the necromancer summons Samuel, a demon who drags you into another universe and soul-forge to a Death Knight. Your fate is to spend the rest of eternity bonded to this creature of evil, unless you can undo this curse. You and your unlikely companion embark on a great adventure to unlock the secret of riftrunning... your only answer to this life of darkness!

Review RSS Feed Illicit_Misfit says
10 Illicit_Misfit

Oct 7th, 2014

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Angel_of_Death2 says
9 Angel_of_Death2

Jan 7th, 2013

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Chubrokoli says
10 Chubrokoli

Sep 6th, 2012

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feillyne says
10 feillyne

Sep 5th, 2012

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