~Brantisky Robotics presents a simulation in which you may test your skills with the 12th model (nicknamed B-12) of our security and defense robots...~

An arcadey third-person action-platformer influenced by Mega Man X, Mario 64, Dark Souls, and the rogue-like/lite genre.

Procedural Levels.
No tutorials.
No story/cutscenes.

Brantisky Mk. 12 basic abilities: Run, Crouch/Dash, Jump/Wall-Jump, Melee, Charge/Shoot, Shields, and the mighty Plasma-Stomp.

Other gear/upgrades drop randomly and are lost when you're destroyed.


This game is a solo-effort being developed with Unity, Blender, and Gimp.

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3 months ago News 1 comment

This is not a humongous update, but more an announcement that B-12 is no longer on hold. I've decided to develop both this game and Hoverbike Joust simultaneously, but with a very important important focus on simplifying the feature-set and gameplay elements of B-12.


Originally it was meant to be a simple, arcadey third-person jumpy-shooty game influenced mostly by Mega Man X, with controls that felt less like Mega Man Legends/64 and more like Mario 64. And I wanted the game to maybe look a bit like Journey, knowing full-well it wouldn't be quite as pretty.


Then I wanted to add first-person view and support VR and design big huge sprawling levels, or maybe I wanted it to be open world or etc etc etc NO! Stop it, Phillip. I got sick of it and decided to work on a different game for a while.


But I did go off on one tangent in the end, before I got totally fed-up, and that was an algorithm for making the levels randomized/procedural (based on pre-made sections, but versatile ones!).

Procedural Algorithm Test

It's crude right now, but that feature stays, as it's sort-of what's helped me to decide what to do with the game. Take it back to basics. Just your main weapon and abilities. No leveling-up, inventory, upgrades, or f*cking crafting wtf? A tough robot-filled action-platformer that's simple, randomized, re-playable and can be completed in one sitting if desired.

So here we go... Gonna make both games at once. I just get too bored and uninspired working on one thing all the time.

New 'B-12' Alpha Trailer Released!

New 'B-12' Alpha Trailer Released!

1 year ago News 4 comments

I finally managed to make a more recent trailer for B-12!

More Screenshots, Leaning towards Early Access Launch

More Screenshots, Leaning towards Early Access Launch

1 year ago News 3 comments

Finally posted another batch of screenshots today. 2014 is turning out to be an extremely difficult year, but I'm using it as motivation. Development...

New Screenshots, Alpha Demo Soon

New Screenshots, Alpha Demo Soon

1 year ago News 2 comments

I finally posted a few more recent screenshots. The first alpha demo is getting closer and closer to completion. Making a game like this by yourself takes...

B-12 Alpha Trailer Released

B-12 Alpha Trailer Released

2 years ago News 1 comment

I released an alpha trailer to demonstrate what the gameplay looks like at the current stage. Opinions are very welcome!

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29_games Sep 21 2015 says:

Just stumbled upon this. It's looking really good. Hope you get it finished.

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BrantiskyInteractive Creator
BrantiskyInteractive Sep 22 2015 replied:

Hello and thanks! I'm happy to say that things are progressing rapidly. My personal deadline for a beta launch and Steam Greenlight is November 16, but that is not 100% firm. Trying to get the game at least 70-80% done by that time.

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29_games Sep 22 2015 replied:

That's good to know. I'll keep an eye out for the Greenlight.

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DukeInstinct Jun 3 2014 says:

I'm really liking the graphics and environment changes you have done since the last trailer video. The thick panels on walls with varying sizes and colors add a great bit of detail. The groups of random tiles with vibrant colors contrasting against the gray tiles is a very nice touch on those bridges.

These small details really do a lot for appearance and they also show a great amount of attention has been given.

The texture detail seems to have increased as well. I noticed some tiles with a noise like detail. Looks like you've also added some nice new game-play elements as well in addition to the graphical improvements.

One thing I'm still not very fond of is how the weapon moves around. Like it just jolts around the screen sometimes. A smoother transition from angle to angle in those cases would do a lot I think. Another thing is that the terrain could use a higher resolution, but that's easy to fix.

Anyway, very good progress since the trailer and an outstanding job overall. I am definitely be looking forward to the alpha release and further trailer videos.

+2 votes     reply to comment
BrantiskyInteractive Creator
BrantiskyInteractive Jun 10 2014 replied:

Hi Duke, thanks for coming back and checking in. Sorry it took me a while to reply. I'm glad you like the visual changes. =] Things will still improve a bit more, especially all of the robots' textures and things like that.

As for the gun moving around, this has to do with the game being designed for VR. If you play a port of a traditional FPS in VR, you feel like the weapon is glued to your chin or the side of your neck. It's really weird and unnatural. B-12's entire body is meant to move the way it actually would when running around shooting things. So the auto-aim (which is a key feature of the gameplay) makes your gun point at the current target, as it should, even when that target is not completely centered in your field of view. If you're not shooting or charging, B-12's arm drops down to a resting position. I will work on smoothing things out a bit to make it less jumpy, but I also plan to have the auto-aim/assist be adjustable down to zero. In fact, I could add an option where B-12's right arm stays up at all times since there will probably be a demand for it. That would make it more comfortable for traditional/non-VR FPS players.

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boomcogames May 29 2014 says:

Love the look of this so far man! I actually rather like the texture detail so far actually. Will be keeping track, excited to see where it goes.

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BrantiskyInteractive Creator
BrantiskyInteractive Jun 2 2014 replied:

Thanks! I'm pretty happy with the way the world's textures look, although I will definitely add more detail to B-12 itself and the rest of the bots. I can't wait for you to play it!

+1 vote   reply to comment
AToyThing Apr 30 2014 says:

when is the beta? cant wait for it!

+2 votes     reply to comment
BrantiskyInteractive Creator
BrantiskyInteractive May 21 2014 replied:

Thanks! I am really bad at noticing comments here... The plan right now is an inexpensive early-access/alpha-funding launch on Desura and Humble. That could be any time within the next few weeks I'd say. I'm really excited!

+1 vote   reply to comment
gafe9397 Feb 14 2014 says:


+2 votes     reply to comment
BrantiskyInteractive Creator
BrantiskyInteractive Feb 14 2014 replied:

Definitely not beta yet, but getting close. Still a good number of important features to implement even in the latest version. This video is very outdated now, but there will be new vids and an alpha demo soon that is a much more complete picture of the final game.

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All upgrades modeled and animated. Four of six implemented. Icons on HUD. #indiedev #gamedev #screenshotsaturday T.co

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