AfterMath is an FPS MMO. We are currently working on a demo for one of the PvP minigames to be featured in the full version of the game. AfterMath will be a fully free to play game, with vanity/ease microtransactions. We may offer VIP subscription services, but we do not want to impact gameplay with the amount of money that people spend, but to allow more enjoyment to the game through purchases. We are currently accepting volunteers only. Upon release of the game, those volunteers on the royalties list will receive royalties upon Manatee Studios making a profit from the game.

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Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artists at Manatee Studios

concept artists manatee studios anywhere artists manatee studios needs some concept artists. whether you use photoshop, gimp, or paper and pencil with a scanner, we're interested in what you have to offer, as long as you believe in quality time and work. looking for concepts in clothing, equipment, weapons, creatures, mutants, animals, environments, villages, apocalyptic cultures. aftermath is a post-viral-apocalypse environment (mutants - not zombies), with a junkyard type atmosphere. clothing, equipment, weapons, construction materials, are all based on what folks can scavenge from the surrounding area. please read aftermath's description for more information.

Anywhere [OLD] General Programmer at Manatee Studios

general programmer manatee studios anywhere programmers looking for folks with some general c++ and lua programming know-how to get our stuff off the ground! we are developing an mmo game with the cryengine 3 sdk. ai, weapon functions, building functions, faction interaction. send questions to

Anywhere [OLD] Animator at Manatee Studios

animator manatee studios anywhere artists we need animators for our 3d models. we need them ready for cryengine 3 sdk. we use 3ds max, maya, zbrush, motionbuilder, and blender. bipeds, quadrupeds, projectile weapons, melee weapons, and more! please send questions to

Anywhere [OLD] 3d Modelers at Manatee Studios

3d modelers manatee studios anywhere artists we're looking for 3d modelers to help build aftermath's asset library for cryengine 3 sdk. we need everything from garbage to clothing to weapons to buildings. we have plenty of room for 3d modelers! we are using 3ds max, maya, mudbox, zbrush, sculptris, and blender. we are accepting all experience levels, from the newbie to the pro. we just want you to give it your best! we also have a studio learning center on our member forums, with links to tons of wonderful tutorials. send your questions to

Anywhere [OLD] Texture Artist at Manatee Studios

texture artist manatee studios anywhere artists freelancer position. we are looking for a texture artist for our 3d models. we are building realistic models for our mmo game, aftermath, and require somebody with either a little experience, or a whole lot of stubbornness to keep at it until they get it right. we are using 3ds max, maya, zbrush, photoshop, and blender. we are looking into ndo2 and marmoset. please send questions to

Anywhere [OLD] Rigger at Manatee Studios

rigger manatee studios anywhere artists we need a rigger for our 3d models. we need them ready for cryengine 3 sdk. we use 3ds max, maya, zbrush, motionbuilder, and blender. please send questions to

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