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Dec 25 2012 Anchor

This message appears, but sadly i canĀ“t do so.. nowhere at the settings i am able to change any settings for a cache folder.. can you help me, where to do this please.

Jan 10 2013 Anchor

I agree. I have this problem too. i clicked "You can move your desura cache folder..." and there is a new blank lap. Could you fix it?

Jan 17 2013 Anchor

Well apparently this has been happening since 2011 and since it's not been fixed then it won't be I guess. Was really looking forward to using Desura but this breaks the deal for me. Have a SSD as my C:\ drive for OS Boost and without being able to change this I can't use the program. Uninstalling now then.

Mar 20 2013 Anchor

very annoyin got the same problem... uninstalling this now

Mar 21 2013 Anchor

You can move it somehow, anyway. It's installed on H: external drive here.

IIRC you just need to copy Desura folder to your other drive/partition, delete everything except \Common folder (where games are) and desura.exe, then click desura.exe to reinstall/update Desura in this new location. Though not sure if that would work, didn't do it for a long time.

May 17 2013 Anchor

Same problem here. Please fix this!

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May 19 2013 Anchor

Ok here is a step by step guide to moving your Desura install which will move the cache.

Step 1: Delete everything within your Desura folder aside from the Desura.exe and the Common folder.
Step 2: Move the remaining things to the HDD you want the cache to appear in.
Step 3: Run the Desura.exe once more, this will simply install Desura again from the new location.
Step 4: Maximum Game.

That should be all you need to do. If you have any repeating issues doing these things will fix it even more Just post here if you have any issues.


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