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Manley Dark Derek
Sep 9 2013 Anchor

Hello there
I'm a regular just a regular Stalker fan, just as you. I wanted to invite you to join the project which will be explained in this message.
-The Persistent Zone
is a fan project that brings huge online community to already famous Stalker series. The mod itself is basically turning Stalker from a single player game, to an online one.
Here are some features which may be created with your help:

  • -Massive online world with huge community.
  • -Remaking of all old models from Stalker game, you can count on me with this too
  • -Evolving the Xray engine to be much more optimized and impressive
  • -Recreating whole zone from scratch, adding tons of new details and with brand new textures
  • -Clan wars, each player starts as a lone wolf but as he evolves, he may join any faction
  • -Brand new HD interface which will use post apocalyptic theme but much better looking
  • -Huge battles between players or enemies
  • -Improved A-life
  • -Survival
  • -Scavenging
  • -Brand new shooting mechanics
  • -Skill tree
  • -And much much more...

I guess this sounds pretty good doesn't it? Well if you can join me, We can make this, I can offer a budget of 1000$ for this project as well as a professional modeler, artist and composer, contact me via steam or email if you are interested. Have a nice day!
My email :
My steam :

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Sep 9 2013 Anchor

I don't like the idea of making a game out of a game. You should make your own game with own world, ideas and of course use a free or popular "cheap" engine like UDK or Unity.

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