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Sep 4 2012 Anchor

Hi there
Before I explain my project let me say a few things about me and what I'm looking for. I am a hobbyist game developer, I can code, model, texture, make music etc reasonably well (for a hobbyist) and I work on this project of mine for fun during my spare time, I'm a physics grad student and teacher. So obviously I am not offering any kind of paid position or financial compensation at all. What I'm looking for is help from people who wants to work on a cool project because they either like the project or think it might be a good way to expand a portfolio. Having said that, I'm also offering help to other hobbyists game developers! I think it's much more realistic for hobbyists to share expertise among each other than 'recruiting'. And, god, don't get me started on "I'll pay when the game starts making money".

The project is a game about espionage from the perspective of a field agent, from an intelligence organization, specialized in stealth and it's set during the 70s. The gameplay, which is in first person, is basically what we usually see in stealth games: hide in shadows, don't make noise, avoid patrolling guards etc, with additional platforming elements. The plot is just a big blur, right now. There is a twist in the gameplay, comparing with the usual stealth games around, the game is structured in the form of missions and each mission has a planning phase and execution. I can get in more detail with whoever's interested.

I'm developing with Unity, so far I have some gameplay implemented and the art department is somewhat late because it's highly dependent on the story.

Below are a couple of paintings I did to make the world clearer (to me). These are outdated though... The game is set in the 70s but with unrealistic technology, but I'm not happy with where I drew the line there, it's too futuristic and too little 70ish.

This is the first model I did for the project, I cannot say who he is, that is highly confidential information :P

Following is a video of the gameplay already implemented, basically player movement. There's mantling and moving along ledges, a gadget I call 'double grapple hook' (you'll see him swinging and then sliding horizontally with it) and the visual detection system. The latter works by analyzing the image of the player from the perspective of the AI (represented in the video by a large TV) so it accounts for silhouette as well.

Thanks for reading, reply here or pm me if you like the project and wants to get involved somehow :)

Sep 7 2012 Anchor

This is so very interesting. I love the idea and concept of the game.

Right now I'm working part time on another project called Son of Nor, I'm the game designer and writer. You can check it here. But since I have a little bit more of free time I would love to work in parallel with another project. This one is very attractive to me and I'm interested in participating.

Besides what I already mentioned I can also do 2d Art (although I'm no pro) and basic 3d. You can see some of my work here.

Hope to hear from you and thanks!

Apr 10 2013 Anchor

Hi Kikitoso :)
This is somewhat a late reply (I must configure to receive email notifications). I'm glad you find it interesting! it frustrates me that not many people do, apparently. Believe it or not I'm still working on this, at a frustratingly slow pace though because I gave up on forming a team to develop it. Not because there is no interest (there is, even if very small) but because organizing a team is a challenge on itself, as hard as developing a game, and that requires skills that I don't have.

TKAzA Community Manager
Apr 10 2013 Anchor

sent you a message on skype

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