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Aug 30 2012 Anchor


My name is D’jarni Braithwaite I’m here to recruit team members for Ultimate Eclipse
Studio’s Game team. We are still thinking of a name for team, but if you would
like to know more about us please visit

We like to be straight forward, so here is the deal. Once we acquire team members we will
work on a demo which we will use to get funds to finish full version of game,
so this obviously means that all work done in demo is without pay unless we are
able to get an early investor for project. No worries you will be accredited
for your work.

We need:

Programmers 0/4- 1 lead programmer and 3 other programmers. Lead programmer will not only
do games inner works but also help the other programmers improve his/her skills
strengthen the team as we go on. Programming knowledge we are seeking are
c/c++, we will accept Java but we mostly prefer programmers with c/c++

2D/3D artist 0/6- we are looking artist who can produce stunning concept art, logo
designing, environment art etc

3D modellers 1/3- able to work alongside artist and produce some stunning models

Sound engineers 3/2- will handle all sound designing for games from sound effects to
sound tracks. (we will still look at others who apply no worries)

Animators 0/3- will be handling in game animation to trailer animation.

Level designers 0/2- will create game levels.

Maximum members 20 (we will consider to extend depending on situation)

Minimum members 8 (2 programmers, 2 artist, 1 modeller, 1 sound engineer, 1 animator, 1
level designer)

Ok our goal are simple we wish to have a company which excels in game, animation and manga
industry. So as of this year we will work on getting the final 2 teams together
and start working towards our goal. Are you ready to join this team and work
with us to uphold our motto “Making A Dream Reality” then email us and let’s
get down to business.

Team will be working on RPG, RTS, FPS, Third Person Shooter, Turn Base and MMO (mmorpg and
mmofps). We plan on using UDK, Gamebryo, Ogre, Hero Engine, torque 3D, Unity or
S2 Engine. A big list but once we get team together we will narrow down list to
at least 2 engines.

The games ideas/stories we have on table for first development are:

Collision: Clash of worlds- a game inspired from gears of war and mass effect, it’s a alien vs.
human fps about aliens invading earth to retake an ultimate power source which
will power they ultimate battle ship (spaceship). An interesting yet crazy
storyline of a soldier of luck, who now is mankind’s last hope on the battle
flied along with his guardian angel (a long distance sniper). Plan to use UDK
but will consider other engines.

Dark Mages: The legendary Frostbite- an offline version to world of warcraft, the game is
about an evil mage who is about to resurrect an ancient god named Ultar, now
the hero has to journey to the frozen lands of the Far-east to search and find
the Frostbite (sword) which would aid him in defeating Ultar. Engine unsure.

Any other information you’ll like to know or clear up before considering joining us feel
free to ask. Email all portfolio links to: or use our
website contact form
Website is still Under construction.
All programmers please give a detailed list of programmers you have experience.

Note Website Still Under construction so it will be giving some problems from time to time.

Edited by: Djarni

ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Aug 30 2012 Anchor

What do you do on the project?

(if the answer is management and/or ideas, you've already failed).

Aug 30 2012 Anchor

Nope i'm story Writer basically in charge of manga team my co-owner Demar Swack is a programmer (in charge of game team), also web designer, but like all other things i'm just a piece of something greater. My co-owner has create games before he knows a little of everything from modelling to programming one problem it is him all these year and you and i know it take more than one person to build a game at times. Anything other questions?

xPearse Developing H.O.T.D. Mod for M&B
Aug 31 2012 Anchor

Your website musn't be up at the moment as all im getting is problem loading page. How much people are involved at the moment though that was your starting group.

Aug 31 2012 Anchor

we have had responses already interviewing a programmer now but we have @ sound engineers and one pending aartist.. then it me and co-owner. so 4 people at the current moment.

Sep 1 2012 Anchor

The link doesnt work.I got a message 'Could not
locate remote server'

Sep 1 2012 Anchor

Our website is being move to another server so it will be tempoary offline,

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