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May 2 2013 Anchor

Sprout’s Tale is a 2.5 D game set in a dying world. As the protagonist, you are tasked with battling back the end of times with a pouch of seeds and a mysterious friend. Grow trees, vines, grass, and flowers to solve puzzles, kill enemies, and restore the world.

Sprout, the central character of the story, is awoken from non-existence when the world is on the brink of collapse. Darkness has breached almost every corner of the land and water, and it seems that only he and a winged companion have the power to stop it.

Find and plant seeds to create bridges, stairs, ladders, and traps. Using the right seed at the right time and place will be entirely up to the player, and saving seeds to utilize other tools in the environment will also be entirely within your power. While not strong alone, Sprout can use the fairy to help him carry and push heavy objects. The fairy itself will be entirely in the control of the player.

You can see our latest video here:

Website under development

To be developed for PC, Linux, Xbox, PS, Android, and everything else we can afford.

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TKAzA Community Manager
May 2 2013 Anchor

simply lovely well done!

May 3 2013 Anchor

Thank you! You can follow our progress on our website or on Twitter :)

May 5 2013 Anchor

The game looks awesme, well done :D

May 15 2013 Anchor

Thanks :)

May 16 2013 Anchor

Looks awesome, good job!

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
May 20 2013 Anchor

It looks like your game is very well done.Congrats and best of luck. 8)


"sweet"  little old lady

May 20 2013 Anchor

Thank you! :)

Woo! We've changed a hell of a lot since I first posted this. Please check back in and take a look, we've moved into 3D, added some features, and changed the look:

Oct 10 2013 Anchor

Oh! I love the changes! :D

Oct 11 2013 Anchor

This is a really cool and very original idea and it seems to be coming along rather nicely. Definitely keeping an eye on this one.

Oct 11 2013 Anchor

Surely looks interesing.

One question:
Is the song in the video part of the games soundtrack?


User Posted Image

Oct 11 2013 Anchor

Yes, we've got a few tracks already for the game. All sound and music is being developed by Forte Sounds

If you're interested, we have all our (non-secret) music available to listen to on our devlog

Oct 11 2013 Anchor

Thank you very much! You got your game a really good soundtrack there. :D
I just checked out your IndieDB page. "Windows, Mobile, WiiU" it says. Are you considering Linux support? I mean, you're using Unity which already has it built in. :3


User Posted Image

Oct 11 2013 Anchor

Yep, we'll really be releasing as WIDE as possible. So whatever doesn't hurt my poor, shallow pocket too badly, that's what we'll be doing.

For example, while we obviously would like to be able to get the game on WiiU, that's some pretty serious budget constraints that could stop us. Over the next month or two we'll be looking at crowd-funding options and making a decision on what we think is the proper way to go with everything.

But like you said- Linux, PC, any free ones is a sure-fire platform.

Some updates. Got tree growth and moving platforms this week. You can see a more detailed discussion of what's going on with the game on tomorrow's (Oct 31st) News post.

Nov 5 2013 Anchor

Beautiful :D

Feb 5 2014 Anchor

It's been a while, but time for a little update to our forum watchers...

The latest work on vines...

Grass growing

leaf particles wahoo
Some beautiful stuff
Burns grass created by SproutScary scary fire enemy!

Don't forget to Follow us on Twitter!

Feb 8 2014 Anchor

I really like the visual design! Very fun and inviting. The fire enemy is very cool and well animated, but my first impression was that its proportions seemed a little realistic compared to the rest of the game. It is hard to know for sure without seeing it in game, but it may look even cooler if you push the proportions and make it a bit more cartoony.

Great work!

Feb 16 2014 Anchor

Really awesome fire enemy! Love the style and colours! I do agree with shawnMc about the proportions.

SinKing bumps me thread
Feb 16 2014 Anchor

Oww, I always wanted to animate and you are animating everything ^^ it's amazing. And I like those ideas, inspiring work!


User Posted Image

Feb 18 2014 Anchor

I like the concept and the look. The graphics and mood remind me a little bit of an old game called Twinsen's Odyssey. Trust me, that's a good thing.

LOL I just had a funny thought. Have you ever heard the saying, "This is about as exciting as watching grass grow?"

Well, this game is going to ruin that saying forever. :)

Sep 3 2014 Anchor

hahaa well I hope it does anyway!

Well I haven't updated in a while but I'm trying to get back on track. Development got hugely slowed down by some crazy stuff, both in the game and in real life (my son was just born! woo!). What progress has been made over the past few months has not been very visual or even tangible. But for the last three weeks or so we’ve been able to start churning out good, visual content again and we’d love if you’d tell us what you think.

We’ve basically replaced all of our level assets in an effort to create a busier, more easily-navigated level path. Our artist put together some really beautiful new models to fill the world with, and hopefully by the time all this is over we’ll be able to properly do his work justice.


We’ve also been able to add in some really beautiful new features, as well as perfecting some of the older ones. The new scenery really adds a lot of magic to the original features of growing grass and trees.


And the new stuff looks pretty good too, we think:


In the above image, the player is controlling the fairy to light his way through a nearly pitch black cave. A fire enemy prowls the ground nearby. Fire enemy's present a new danger because they can light Sprout's trees and grass on fire, creating a new, semi-permanent but wholly deadly obstacle.

The fairy can also carry stuff for the player:

And of course, pushing.


There’s lots more new stuff to see, and I don’t wanna ruin this thread by adding too many gifs and images, so I’ll keep updating as more stuff comes through.

Sep 3 2014 Anchor

First things first: Congratulations! :D

Now back to serious business *straightens tie*:
I am probably just nitpicking (again), but some visual aspects really bother me.

  • The grass (not the one you're planting), looks really cheap (like a cardboard cutout)
  • The lighting is way too bright
  • When moving the stone, it looks like it doesn't weight anything (dust particles, shake screen when you drop it near you, etc.)

Sorry, but I could not resist. :nervous:

Anyway, I always like reading you progress updates. Seems like it's coming along nicely.

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User Posted Image

Sep 3 2014 Anchor

Thanks for the feedback! And the congratulations :D

I think I'm okay with how the grass looks. I think it fits into the kind of fantasy/fairytale/storybook appearance of the game. Different strokes. Or maybe I'm blind to the flaw? I'll give it some though.

The lighting IS way too bright! The artist chastised me for making gifs with the light like that. It's since been fixed :P

The stone does look too light. It feels a little better with big heavy moving sounds and a big thump when it lands, but you're right about needing dust particles! I forgot to put them back on after changing the assets from those ugly cubes!

Thanks again

Sep 22 2014 Anchor

Hey I think this looks awesome. Very imaginative. Love the tree growth animation.

Sep 24 2014 Anchor

Thanks robot! Hopefully we can keep impressing you :P

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