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Oct 9 2012 Anchor

Hello Everyone, im searching for seome 3D Artists, please read this WallofText to get more Informations :)

Hotel California (temporary Project Title)

What is this?:
It should be an Survival-Horror Adventure Game like Amnesia

Since one Month we're working in our Sparetime on this Project, with just two Guys (Me(Sebastian):3D Artist / Felix:Programmer).
The Project is just at the beginning (Concept).We've written down much ideas for the gameplay / shockmoments / Leveldesign / Look so far.
The Story is not finished and has some leaks but this will grow up ;)
The Game would be played in an Huge Motel with 4-5 Floors, basement,outdoor. Much planned for just one Artist.
So we're searching for some more Artists which have some experience in Modeling / Texturing.

Theres lots of Stuff to do, small impression:
-Plants (indoor/outdoor)

What we're working with?:
-3DGS A8

Is this a Payed Position?
No, sorry we're working on this in our sparetime, so we don't earn money with it.

last but not least, here some Screens:

To Apply

-Skype: rvlexile oder s-louven[at]web(dot)de (favored)
-ICQ: 251-361-505

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Oct 9 2012 Anchor

Which engine do you use?


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- Milan

Oct 9 2012 Anchor

3D Gamestudio A8 Commercial, with an own shader Pipeline / Leveleditor

Heres an Update which is showing our Leveleditor / Shaders. Still searching for an talented 3D Artist!

regards rvL_eXile

Oct 13 2012 Anchor

Is anyone interested?

Nov 16 2012 Anchor

We're still searching for some talented 3D Artist. Here some Pictures to show thats going on :)

TKAzA Community Manager
Nov 16 2012 Anchor

looks like you have some decent artists, why do you need more?

Nov 17 2012 Anchor

cuz im the only one Artist :)

Dec 18 2012 Anchor

Well I'm pretty decent at modeling/unwrapping/texturing through a maya and photoshop pipeline so I could help you guys out some with that. My real skill is 2d though, illustrations, concept art, hand-painted textures and the like. Do you guys need any help with your 2d art?

Jan 2 2013 Anchor

Hi how's the project going. Are you planing on releasing it on indiedb or somehow else?

Jan 10 2013 Anchor

i could help Beef331 my potfollio and if ur intrested add me on skype at :jasobeet

Jan 10 2013 Anchor

i can help with some 3d stuff, i cant donate all my time but to a project but i can do a few models a weeks model/unwrap/texture using 3ds max and photoshop.

check my profile on here and

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Jan 14 2013 Anchor

I could help you out with some modelling. Just append a task and texture budget and mail me at: After i've done the task u may decide if i fit the task

best regards

TKAzA Community Manager
Jan 15 2013 Anchor

rolfarth wrote: I could help you out with some modelling. Just append a task and texture budget and mail me at: After i've done the task u may decide if i fit the task

best regards

same here looks like you just won 2

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