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Mar 25 2012 Anchor

Room 502 is a game set in the so called haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium. You play as the character, Hudson Black, the ghost hunter while you discover the horrific truth about the dreaded place. Room 502 is gory, complicated, horrific and full of puzzles. Its being made by an indie team called, Mad House Interactive, and well yea.

We wanted the game to have similar gameplay aspects as the silent hill games or the resident evils. Those were are main inspiration. We got the whole flashlight thing from silent hill and alan wake. And we got the shotgun off the tv show supernatural. And the rest we got off movies of waverly hills or we made up ourself. We have put a lot of research on the site into our game and writings. And we hope to make it the indie game of the year. It will be coming out sometime at the end of this year or the beginning of next if we are lucky.
-Tristan Woodington (Owner and Manager)

Heres the website for mad house interactive, which includes info about the game:
Heres the indiedb page:
Email us or pm us if you are interested in joining:
Our youtube channel:

Some Art:

Some Music:

Edited by: MadHouseInteractive

JigsawPieces Shut up, that's why.
Mar 25 2012 Anchor

It's probably a bad idea to post two similar threads in different forums. This one does seem to be better written though. I looked at some of the WIP on your site earlier and was going to suggest to put an image or two into the original post but I got sidetracked. A lot of threads like this come up on moddb and I was initially skeptical thinking "they've probably done nothing", but you have. Shots of work show us you're doing something which is important because lots of people might not bother navigating to your website / mod page.

Mar 26 2012 Anchor

Okay, posted some photos and our 5th and what i reckon is our best track!

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