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V_Flashbang Everlasting Gobstopper
Oct 8 2013 Anchor

Before all of you say "its only 5 dollars", thats 50 dollars a year and some of us would rather spend that money on middle eastern petrolium products cough cough.

But in all reality, i'm relatively poor, i already pay for high speed internet which in southern cali for me isnt cheap. And what really did it in for me is that the thing that set ps3 apart from xbox was just...the free internet just won me over. Better hardware, better graphics...yeah xbox had better software but i could probably take a .22 to a ps3 and in some cases it'd still be operational. PC gaming is the master race but sometimes i just like to sit back on my couch with a bag of doritos and tear people up in battlefield 3...loved this about ps3. Discuss/Sign! (please :'c)

Oct 10 2013 Anchor

I doubt a community like this would try to do that...... heck if i were gonna make a ps4 game id make it cost think about the money theyd make and trust me the ps4 is gonna be lots of money.

And 50 dollars a year is nothing my little brother could pay that lol. dont forget about them and how much they wont care.

V_Flashbang Everlasting Gobstopper
Oct 18 2013 Anchor

That 50 dollars a year could go to giving the white man a new bentley turb...cough feeding african children. think of the possibilities!


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Oct 18 2013 Anchor

If it's really a choice between playing your multiplayer games and getting gas/food/etc., I think any sensible individual would happily (or at least without undue grumbling) give up their XBL/PSN subscription until such a time that their situation isn't as dire. I speak from experience here, by the way.

5 Dollars a month isn't all that much. Most fast food meals cost at least twice that much. If it's at the point where you have to decide between spending that 5 dollars on entertainment or on necessities, I think it's time to decide which entertainment options you can live without and cut back until it isn't literally "gas or gaming". There are plenty of alternatives (like replaying a game. I know, it's unthinkable) that can be turned to in such a situation, many of them available if, as you appear to, one happens to be in possession of a working computer and internet connection.

And please, PLEASE, have the dignity of at least being honest about wanting things for free, instead of trying to hide behind a wall "think of the children" or "I need gas". I seriously doubt you would give that 5 dollars to a charity or similar organization anyway.


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Oct 22 2013 Anchor

I am fine with paying for PS+ for online considering we get lots of free games to play too! :)

Ronnie42 God Of Destruction
Oct 26 2013 Anchor

I doubt it would work..............Ps+ Online cost's mean you Sony can actually pay for their firewall. (I still remember when they got hacked while using a basic firewall) Also to be fair Ps Plus is a joke, they gave free games that came with Ps+ but don't work if you stop paying.


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Dec 3 2013 Anchor

Lets petition for free PS4 for everyone here on MODDB. We need inspiration to create more games. XD

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