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May 25 2012 Anchor

At this time I am seeking people to participate in play-testing sessions for the summer. I am porting Team Fortress Classic directly to the source engine as stage one of a project for college. Sessions will occur once per week. Before each session, players will be briefed on the latest release, so they know what has been done, and hence, which aspects to play around with, looking for bugs. After the sessions, we will all chat briefly in a steam chat room to filibuster.

Here's what's done:

1)- /materials/ folder - 95% (only a few props' materials left to do)
2)- /models/ folder - 90% ( player models done! just a few prop models left )
3)- /sound/ folder - 70% (tfc sounds ported and many incorporated into Source's soundscript system, still need to copy HL sounds over)
4)- /maps/ folder - 10% ( I just got 2fort converted brush by brush 100%, need mappers to help convert maps!)
5)- /resource/ folder - 50%? lots of custom .res files for VGUI and misc.
6)- /scripts/ folder - 50%? various file conversions in progress
7)- /bin/ folder - The final frontier, I work on the code gradually as new content is finished. Esimated 40% done.

To participate, or ask questions, PM me on here or email

Sep 7 2012 Anchor

Plz tell me this is coming true. I'd love to see a TFC:Source. I can help playtest if you still need people to do so.

Sep 7 2012 Anchor

I'd love to help remake the maps, here is some of my work

Sep 18 2012 Anchor

Update: Anyone wanting to help out is welcome to.

Sep 27 2012 Anchor

I would be more then willing to help!

Sep 27 2012 Anchor

I love to test stuff! Sign me in, send me a PM

Sep 27 2012 Anchor

Private Messages sent to all.

Sep 29 2012 Anchor

I can help you test. I can also give you vmfs for some tfc maps already ported to source for my TFC mod for tf2,

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