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Oct 28 2011 Anchor

Hey there,

I want to make remakes of the original Turok Games by Acclaim and maybe add some stuff later on, but I haven't enough time on my hand and I can't do it on my own. I'm searching for everyone who knows how to develop games and everyone who knows how to design models and texture them etc. I for my part would just develop a homepage, because that's what I am truely good at. I would like to make the project OpenSource, but we could talk about that later on.

If you are wanting to help me developing the games with whatever engine you like so please contact me or ask me something here or per PM.

Thanks for reading.

Regards Naums

Oct 28 2011 Anchor

Which Engine should it be ? UDK ? CryEngine 3 ? Source Engine ? Unity Engine ?

Oct 28 2011 Anchor

I don't care about the Engine at all, whatever serves you (the developers) best.

I guess we should settle for the Unreal Engine 3 (UDK). or Source. I'd like having it run on Linux, but this is not gonna happen with a good Engine, does it?

I'm looking for everyone who liked the original turoks and who is willing to help and who is able to help me. Need every single person. I'd like to begin with the second Turok Game: Turok 2: seeds of evil, I'd like to make the Games OpenSource and free to play, maybe we could get some money with advertisment. I don't really care about what Engine we should take, I've worked with UDK a little, but everything is fine to me, as long as it is not Source, for it having a lot of problems. (see Portal).

Interested? Please respond or send me a PM. Thanks.

MfG Naums

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Oct 29 2011 Anchor

While they are games in need of a remake other than the website what will you do for the project because all you have mentioned so far is wed development, so this doesn't lend itself to anything more than idea people asking for a dev team.

And serious thought is needed on the engine choice!!.

Oct 30 2011 Anchor

It is as you said, I'm more or less looking for a team of developers, I had the idea. I am not able to texture stuff or model, at least if the model shall look like something. I'm a pretty fair tester ;).

As for the Engine I already said, the dev team can talk about that with me. I'm preferring UDK if you ask me.

MfG Naums

Nov 3 2011 Anchor

I think if you're going to get anybody on board with this you're going to need to get together a MDD/GDD first of all; and maybe put some time into learning an aspect of the game pipeline so that you're able to contribute. I personally wouldn't be too happy working on a project where I'm working to bring to life someone else idea with little input and no wage to supplement my endeavors.

Make sure in your GDD you clearly highlight how the re-make will build on the original, things you think didn't work in the original game and want to rectify, features/weapons/dinosaurs you thought would augment the get the idea.

Goodluck Naums; if you can get a decent GDD together I'm happy to contribute with modelling a few dinos

Nov 6 2011 Anchor

Thanks for responding, but I'll put this on hold at first, because I can't help you guys with modelling and stuff. And also, I wouldn't be able to contribute much on the game, due to a lack of spare time on my side. I'll get back here in about, lets say 9 months and then we'll talk again about it.

Regards Naums

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