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Oct 26 2013 Anchor

Hey guys,

A big problem I've seen on Desura is that when developers want to post new patches or releases, we have to wait until a member of staff has to approve them.

The problem with the current system is that my game launched and there was a big problem with the game, these problems are now addressed but after 10 hours, the patch is still awaiting approval. This is really bad for anyone ordering and downloading the game in the approval stage. They will download the buggy version of the game and then have to re-download the game due to the patch maybe a couple of hours later. A big inconvenience. Not to mention it's a bad system if you have found an severe exploit in your game and need to rapidly release an update or patch.

I think these instant patches and uploads should only be activated once Desura know you are a trusted developer. IE uploading working and none malicious patches and releases.

Nov 2 2013 Anchor

To play devil's advocate (not that I don't appreciate your frustrations) but I think the approval process goes for the other end of the spectrum. What if someone is purposely trying to release a bad exploit, a game that goes against TOS, and the like. The system could easily be abused uploading a "good" copy first, wait for approval, than upload "patches" to bypass the system.

TKAzA Community Manager
Nov 3 2013 Anchor

Id say the best thing you can do, is email when you patch your game, this may get it approved quicker, no dev would purposely patch their game to breach the TOU, it takes effort to get the game listed and being de listed... is well... bad for business.

I've linked your feedback to the developer, so time will tell if this is a feature desura may implement, as for indiedb we probably wont ever have instant authing.

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INtense! End Boss
Nov 3 2013 Anchor

Email address to use is and we are trying to streamline and will even consider allowing instant approval.

challenge is we always want to protect the end user which means screening files and doing our best to catch issues before release


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Nov 3 2013 Anchor

What's really annoying is knowing WHEN something will be approved. Makes it really hard to synchronize with other sites, such as Youtube (Can't release a demo without a video, but I can't upload the video without a demo). It's also annoying having your news post bumped halfway down the front page without ever touching the top spot.

Nov 4 2013 Anchor

Yep agreed with TKAzA that no developer would ever upload a ToS-breaching release on purpose to a digital distribution platform. Especially commercial releases.

Mods, downloads/files on Indie/ModDB is a different matter however.

@Squared55 Indie DB and Mod DB would always be forced to have an authorisation system for downloads and articles - it has to because people upload full versions of commercial games, copyrighted stuff, warez or links to them etc to the site that need to be checked (and deleted to avoid any problems).

It'd be best if there was a feature allowing you to choose when your news and download shows up in advance. So it's authed first (a day or two earlier), then it's displayed the hour/day you selected. And would have to be re-approved after any changes of the display date. Which is a load of work for a simple feature.

Nov 4 2013 Anchor

Hindsight is 20/20. I can appreciate everyone's reasons a lot more then mine.

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