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Help make the best sonic Fan game EVER! *DEV TEAM NEEDED* (Forums : Recruiting & Resumes : Help make the best sonic Fan game EVER! *DEV TEAM NEEDED*) Locked
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May 4 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone! I want to make a great sonic game that everyone can play until the next sonic game, well we need a team. I already got plans and the story.
I want the game to be big! If you can join, just say what job you want! I think this game will be 3D too. Also i will need your email so we can keep in contact! Thanks I really would love your help!

May 4 2013 Anchor

If you *think* it'll be in 3D, it means you're not ready to start making it yet.

And what role will you have?

May 4 2013 Anchor

@Naqaer, i mean it will be 3d. Also my role will be storybaord.

Cryrid 3D Artist
May 4 2013 Anchor

Too obvious. Deserves a lock before he gets the shitstorm he's hoping for (especially with it being spammed across several subforums).

Edited by: Cryrid

May 5 2013 Anchor

@ cryrid, Wow calm down, i need to get the word across.

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