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Jan 27 2013 Anchor

Hello I have an up and coming let's play channel and am willing to play nearly any game you guys throw at me. It helps you because you get free advertising and helps me because I get more views :).

Email or message me for offers
Skype: dragonitepe

Projects Completed: - Lil Commando - Risk of Rain - Pzzp - Alexland

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Jan 28 2013 Anchor

Just released this about one month ago! Interested?

Jan 28 2013 Anchor

Hey! If you have time you should check out a version of our Roguelike game Risk of Rain.

Thanks and good luck!

Jan 28 2013 Anchor

1 Done, starting the second one. Still accepting.

Jan 28 2013 Anchor

Working on a game, old builds on our site but glitchy
I would much rather you follow us and wait for a official beta release

Jan 28 2013 Anchor

Will do, uploading the previous videos tonight. Watch my channel for them,
I apologize in advance for the coughing as I have been sick the past few days.

Jan 29 2013 Anchor

Hey there, I've just released my first game a few weeks ago, and would be glad to see a gameplay video on it!
It's called PzzP, you can download it here.

Jan 30 2013 Anchor

All requested items are completed.

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Feb 1 2013 Anchor please review

Feb 1 2013 Anchor

uraniumbathtub wrote: please review

I'm sorry but I can't seem to find a time when other players are on. Maybe if we schedule a game?

Feb 2 2013 Anchor

Alexland turned 3 years old a few days ago, you might want to give the old geezer a shot. :)

Feb 3 2013 Anchor

Alexland is being rendered atm

Feb 3 2013 Anchor

Please review a cool experimental 2D physics sandbox called 2DWorlds, we need a promotional video to gain activity and users on it.
Note: I am just a player on it but I want it to flourish.
Anyway thanks!

Feb 5 2013 Anchor

Alexland is done, can you link me the 2DWorlds game.

Feb 5 2013 Anchor

Feb 6 2013 Anchor

Hey man thanks for doing the LP and even moreso thanks for the feedback and analysis. All good points. I'll definitely take it into account.

I posted up the the video on my twitter and G+ too :)

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