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Oct 30 2012 Anchor

Spotting an odd device sitting in an otherwise empty room at the lab, Evan couldn't help but be curious as to what it was. With a puzzled look, he cautiously touched the strange machine, thinking only to rub the dust off of the designation etched onto its side to make it easier to read. However, as his hand came in contact with it, the device began to glow a bright silvery-blue, the same shade as his psionics.

The next five seconds seemed like five days…

In less than one quarter of the first second, the glow quickly built to a blinding radiance and as its brightness peaked, flowed from the device into Evan's flesh where it faded from view. Before he even had a chance to pull back, all visible trace of that light was gone.

It was then that the true agony began.

Instantly he dropped to the floor screaming and clutching his head as the light reached his brain with a searing blast of pain and began to burn new neural pathways into it.

Though he wished, with all his might and mind, to lose consciousness in order to escape the pain; in that moment, even that was denied to him. Then, as swiftly as it began, it was over. Both the pain and the light were gone without a trace, though the effect of what it had done was there to stay.

Where before he had had to strain to bring forth enough energy to manifest any of his psionics: now it seemed as though it took more effort to contain and direct the power than it did to manifest it. With barely a thought, the Psion-blade seemed to fairly leap into existence, seeming somehow to be both sharper, and more solid than ever before.

Even as he realized this, he saw the device which had started it all crumble away into a fine gray powder. Then, even that dissolved away, leaving a faint smell of ozone and a disturbed spot in the dust as the only traces that there had ever been anything there in the first place.

Allowing the blade to dissipate, he gazed distractedly down at his palm thinking; "Change, no matter how good or desirable the result, can be a very painful experience."

To which the symbiote replied dryly, "You can definitely say that again!"

He gave a wry laugh, then, without a backwards glance he pushed himself unsteadily to his feet and staggered to the door. Once there he paused briefly to brace himself against the doorframe and take a couple of deep breathes before continuing on more steadily with his search of the laboratory complex. There was simply too much left to do here before he could take the time to rest and recover.

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