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Aug 15 2013 Anchor

I am James and I made this little puzzle game as a hobby. I was
wondering if I could get any feedback on how to make it better?

I also have another one designed which is even harder but I worried
that maybe it is too hard(or do you want harder)?


Aug 15 2013 Anchor

The character, font and menus are naively drawn without proper shading and bad proportions which don't give good impression on the quality. Why is there a character there in the first place? Do you feature him in the game? Too much colors and shapes and it makes the whole look visually disorienting and mismatching.

Some quick fixes you might want to consider:
- rework the logo with something a bit more regular (find a good combination of 2 actual fonts) and don't use weak and smooth gradient as it doesn't work well with outlines. Outlines need to be thicker for that font size
- get rid of the character on the menu or redo him if you must have him there. But it will easily come of as cheap again if you aren't able to master the anime style with shades, highlights and proper balanced proportions
- replace the odd looking buttons with white text w/ black outline and transparent BG or no outline and semi-transparent grey BG. Use a simple regular font to make it more readable and "pop up" from the colored background

Just a thought: wouldn't regular shapes and straight lines with carefully picked modest color palette support the idea of a puzzle game requiring logical thinking? Why the wonky shapes and rainbow colors? But it's up to you of course. Anyway since you're asking money for the game so if that quality graphics are the best you can do you should consider hiring someone to make them for you or come up with a graphic style that you can work better with.

Aug 19 2013 Anchor

Thanks for the feedback. I actually regret making the paid version to be honest and wish I had only done a free one. But now I have made quite a few sales on the paid I don't know about removing it.

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