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DAB9595 ninja_yay
Aug 3 2013 Anchor

I'm fairly familiar with the source engine and how to edit and change it's textures but TMB has a file system so I'm unsure of how to add things such as bump or specular maps to the textures, I'm hoping that if I learn this I could spend some time editing and maybe eventually making a texture mod for it, If anyone could help me with this that would be awesome! -I can extract the textures, I just don't know how to attach the special things to the textures-

Aug 9 2013 Anchor

Bit of an old post but anyway:

You should find the .vmt file that specifies which shaders and textures the material uses and edit it accordingly. The location of the texture image file for all the textures is specified in the text file (expressed relative to the /materials directory) like this: $basetexture coast\shingle_01

Source engine doesn't support actual old bump maps (that are b/w "height" maps), only the more advanced normal maps (rgb color representing vector components of surface normal).

Some reading:

DAB9595 ninja_yay
Aug 9 2013 Anchor

well yeah, ofc, but what concerns me is the diffrent kind of files. in order to get to the texture it must be extracted to .vtf from .ttz using the program VPKTool.
its just diffrent from norm that im used to working with i.e. hl2,tf2,ect.

so basically i should treat this like normal instead of a special case, and i was concerned about nothing.


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