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Feb 18 2010, 9:49am Anchor

Hai guys,

I wondered what scary mods you could recommend?

The best one Ive discovered so far is Afraid of Monsters for halflife. Its very creepy in both the heartattack-way and the subtle Silent Hill-way, I pissed my pants playing it.
There are some more classics for HL such as Paranoia, what a masterpiece. Even though its finished in 3-4 hours or so.

Recently I played "the Haunted" for UT3, which unfortunately is just gory and not scary at all to me.

What I think is funny is the enormous amount of unfinished Biohazard mod projects. But oh well.

So yeah, your thoughts/recommendations?

MrTambourineMan Working on Maggie's Farm
Feb 18 2010, 10:51am Anchor

Well the first one that comes to mind when you mention "scary" games is legendary They Hunger mod series for HL1.


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Feb 20 2010, 11:33am Anchor

Opinions on which mods that are considered truly " scary " or satisfyingly " disturbing " are going to be as diverse as the people who play them. We all have different hidden fears.


" It's only gaming after all - keep it in perspective. "

Feb 21 2010, 9:16pm Anchor

sadly the one im working on atm isn't released yet. but from what our beta testers tell me, (and ive gotten scared crapless by it to, and im the mapper!) its going to be quite a very scary modification. Any beta testers can contact me if they want to try it out. (cant have too many tho) :D

Feb 23 2010, 8:10am Anchor

Someone wrote:We all have different hidden fears.

Yes, but some fears are based on human instincts we all have, such as beeing afraid of dying.. or beeing terrified.. fearing the unknown.

Feb 23 2010, 10:56am Anchor

There was one that made me really surprised me and was fun...


" It's only gaming after all - keep it in perspective. "

Goobyplssss Leeeeerrrrrrooooooyyyyy!
Feb 23 2010, 4:45pm Anchor

teletubs model pack mod


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Feb 24 2010, 6:01am Anchor

stop trolling!

SoldJr (Soled-Jer)
Mar 11 2010, 12:54am Anchor

Mistake for half life.I usually don't get scared easily and I can watch an entire marathon of horror movies without getting a single nightmare. But this one...I screamed like a little girl and I don't even normally scream when I get scared. Seriously, if it made me, a hard ass who is bored as hell and always calm, scared then I definitely recommend it for you.The downside however, you get stuck easily.


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