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Jun 12 2013 Anchor

Hiya! Well, I'm not that much of a beginner, I have been using Blender 3D for a while now! More of a hobby then anything, really. I'm fairly good, but do still consider myself pretty low level.. Which is why I'm here! I'd love to get into the creation of games, but unfortunately, none of my friends know how to program or anything!

Anyway, I thought I would try to lend my services here! The program that I use is Blender 3D, because.. well.. It's free, and pretty awesome. I'm not that new at 3D modeling, but I am new at making things for games or applications! Most of what I've done was just random tutorials.. Anyway! Here's a gallery of what I have worked on. :3 It's not everything, but it's most of the good stuff.. A lot of the things are just WIP's, until I got bored and moved on. XD


I'm very much open to making characters, environment pieces, and.. well, I guess I can try just about anything. I'm pretty much just looking for experience right now, but this is something I really enjoy doing, and would love to make it something more then a hobby! Tell me what you think of what I've done, and maybe I can help you out with your project. :D

Jun 13 2013 Anchor

Your models are pretty good and did you make those textures yourself
I am looking for people who will work for free if you are interesred
email me at or PM me.

Jun 13 2013 Anchor

:3c Mhm! Textured stuff myself.. I'm not all that great with UV mapping, but I'm getting better!

Jun 13 2013 Anchor

Thanks one more question ,can you rig models?

Jun 13 2013 Anchor

A little bit of advice for the future, concerning your uv's:

Pack the islands as tight as possible, until they're almost touching. You could have gotten a whole lot more texture resolution out of that female character model by doing that and by mirroring some of them (letting two identical parts of the model [like the hands, the arms, the tails in the hair, etc.] use the same UV space).

Other than that, not bad at all.


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Jun 13 2013 Anchor

I haven't rigged too much.. :| Mostly just testing it out. And yeah, I've been working on UV's. :D That girl one was from a whiiiile ago, but it's the only textured Humanoid I really have. XD

Jun 14 2013 Anchor

can you join my team!!!I have a friend that can rig better than me so it doesnt matter that much.

Dec 2 2013 Anchor

I would be interested in bringing you on our team if you can provide models along the lines of what we need. We mainly need pseudo SNES sprite style models. It doesn't have to be 100% authentic looking, mind you. Email me at if you are interested.

Apr 1 2014 Anchor

I'm searching for a 3D modeler, so message me if you are interested. I have posted in forum about it too.

May 29 2014 Anchor

My team is working on a half life 2 mod and we despretaly need a modeler, if you intrested please pm me.

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Oct 1 2014 Anchor

Sent you a pm.

Oct 14 2014 Anchor

Add me on steam and I'll tell you about my project. It's a Half life 2 mod called Infected Sector. Please add me and I'll tell you more about it.

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Oct 18 2014 Anchor

Hello, our team is developing a real time strategy. Near future, where people are separated in a fight for resources, while terrible virus is about to annihilate humanity.

We have a great international team: two professional 3D artists, two programmers, two sound designers and a manager (me). We've made a lot already, but we need more people.

If you're interested, please contact me on

Oct 19 2014 Anchor

Geez why do people have to necro stuff that is so old... these people have clearly moved on


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