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Jan 9 2014 Anchor

Hey everyone!

I graduated from my Digital Animation Program recently and require experience working in a team of dedicated, hard working developers! I'm willing to work with a mod team for free, or professional group of developers starting out.

My skill sets include:
Normal maps
spec maps
photo-realistic texturing
Modular building design

I am currently focused on Environment and prop art. I'm also learning hand painted texturing and loving it at the moment!
My demo reel can be found here:

If you wish to contact me, please send me an E-mail at :

Thank you for taking your time to review this post!

Jan 10 2014 Anchor Interested in Cadalion Online?


Eruption Entertainnment is a game and software developer/publisher

LostWorlds Boss
Jan 11 2014 Anchor

Hello Curtis,

I am in need of a 3-D artist with talents just like yourself. We are a professional team that is dedicated to our current project and getting it to Alpha, I hope that we can talk and maybe have you join. You can see our post here which also is my contact info


Nicholas Payson
CEO and Lead Game Designer
Lost Worlds LLC.

Jan 12 2014 Anchor


I was wondering if you might be interested to work as a Freelancer for my company That would mean that we list you on our profile as a Freelancer and members of the company will contact you about their projects, and offer you work and possibly payment. If you are interested, please pass me a PM with eventual questions or responses.

Thank you :)

Feb 12 2014 Anchor

Hi, if you want to join my team leave a message. Here is the page for the game

Feb 16 2014 Anchor

Hi! I'm here representing Epoch Games, an indie development team.
We're currently working on
We're a group of dedicated volunteers who're working long-term on this game. We do have some 3d work done - it's in the images tab, if you're interested! Please contact me by PM or email at if you're interested :)

Feb 17 2014 Anchor

I dunno if I can compete with these big shot dudes up in here, but I need a 3D animator to help me with a mod im making for coh, im trying to get a tean together but the 2 guys I got don't seem committed, and if you could design some halo themed and inspired maps (only a few, no need to go overboard, it'd be greatly appreciated and it'd look decent on a portfolio (which leads to more work!)

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