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Jul 11th, 2008
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This is a small mod for the free game Battle of Endor from Bruno. Have fun!

This is a small mod for the free game Battle of Endor( ). It replaces some models with the ones of the Stargate mod so you can fly around with a F-302 and have a close look at ships like X-303, Aurora class ships or Hives. Read the readme and the related news for further instructions and more information about what it is!

Have fun!!

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F-302 simulator
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Mularac Jul 11 2008 says:

wow the mod is bigger than the actual game

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Orion Jul 12 2008 says:

I just gave this a go and it aint bad! The one main problem I have with it tho is that it's all very very dark and makes it extremely hard to see the ships... Especially the darts and 302's. :(

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[$#!T-Happens] Jul 13 2008 replied:

i have exactly the same problem.... the tie's had white on them which made them easier to spot and shoot and the darts are really dark. also i have crap graphics card (32 mb)and it lags a bit when looking at the x-303's the aurora's and the daedalus, but other than that it's good : )

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Ori_Child Jul 27 2008 replied:

there is an easier way, just change the background colour to a pale yellow, and change the image of the ancient satellite so something a bit brighter, and you dont have any problems and can see really well.

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Stealth_Vicious Jul 13 2008 says:

to help with the spot use the lock on with the torpedo's, also for fun i took the voice's of Mitchel from the empires at war stargate mod and added it over the rd-d2 voice file, and changed the the torpedo sound to "fox two" which is just awesome, though the audio needs to be to be tweaked higher, but makes it feel more like an f302. just too bad i can't figure out how to change up the cross hairs, to put in something a little more fitting, i don't think i can, looks vector, so it might just be impossible for me to mess with, though a cockpit over lay could look great, over all a nice game, i killed like 30 mins so far, so some good fun to be had, and also the reason the file is big is because it includes the Original game with it

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[$#!T-Happens] Jul 25 2008 replied:

Ha....that got me i didnt realise so i downloaded the game from the site than downloaded the mod...haha

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Ori_Child Jul 27 2008 says:

i think this is awesome! especially for the oldness of the game its on (well it seems old so sorry if im wrong). im just amazed that no one tried doing this before but on a better graphiced game. the most ive got was stage 6 and 160ish kills. anyone top that? (probably not hard XD )

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[$#!T-Happens] Jul 30 2008 replied:

hey the best i can get is stage 4 and 140 maybe 150 kills if im lucky... thats only because either Home one or The millenium falcon get destroyed.

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bloodgutter Aug 6 2008 replied:

best i managed is stage 5 when the big badass Executor shows up. that thing is really annoying. also, the dumb Reel capships wlak right into wave after wave of TIE fighters. dumb

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123rune20 Aug 13 2008 says:

ur right, the game is much smaller then the mod though...

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sasuke_PDS Aug 18 2008 says:

sweet mother of Jesus, can you make one with Anubis' fleet instead of the wraith?

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Liliana_Light Nov 22 2009 replied:

That would be great...Death Star would be Anubis's giant ha'tak with planet destroying capabilities?

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akar Dec 21 2008 says:

i downloaded it and nothink is happening can you help me pls

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Luna94 Jan 25 2009 says:

I am having trouble activating this mod. Pleas help.

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Eopia Sep 4 2009 says:

cheat: fly into a dart without firing a shoot and you get 100 lives

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edy_stargate Nov 29 2009 says:

the game has 16 mb!

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edy_stargate Dec 19 2009 says:

its conain the game too

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MassDownloader Jun 17 2010 says:

this game is very cool!!! but i keep running out of lives at stage 5 damn those darts... there were like 10-20 darts following me and that hive was shooting at me! o.O

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Goran Sep 11 2010 says:

What format are the models? Is there any chance of getting them in OBJ?

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Trinto94 Oct 16 2011 says:

wow, really fun game! i have spent countless hours on this game, and the best i have done is stage 5, 161 darts. and does that 100 lives by crashing into a dart really work?

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