Wildfire Games is an independent game development team made up of volunteers from all over the world. Wildfire Games started out as the small modding team that produced "Rome at War", the largest and most popular mod for Age of Kings in 2001. Since 2003, the team has been developing a standalone RTS game, 0 A.D., from the ground up.

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Showcase: Resources
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Like the gameplay in most other Real-Time Strategy game, our game utilizes resources as the basis for the player's economy. Different structures and different units will cost differing amounts of resources in order to construct or to train them. The challenge for the player will be to secure these resources before the enemy does. Resources are finite in 0 A.D..

The five main resources in the game are as follows:
Food - Gather food by hunting wild animals, picking berries, herding domesticated animals, or through various farming methods.
Wood - Gather wood by chopping down trees. Most maps will be littered with forests. This is probably the most abundant resource available to all players.
Stone - Gather stone by mining large rock deposits.
Metal - This resource represents the various metals utilized by ancient civilisations. These metals include Gold, Silver, Tin, Iron, and Copper. Mine this resource at large ore deposits. This will most likely be the least abundant resource available and will be hotly fought over by all players.
Population - Each unit costs population (pop). Gain more population room by building houses and by capturing more territories. All infantry units cost 1 pop each. All Cavalry units cost 2 pop slots each. Chariot and Elephant units will cost 3 pop to represent the riders and mounts.
In order to gather a resource (except for hunting) there must be a resource collection building nearby. For food stuffs that is the Farmstead structure; and for Wood and Mineral types of resources that building is the Mill structure. These structures, as well as the Civilisation Centre, have an "aura" radius that allows units to gather within a certain distance from the structure. When a unit ventures beyond this aura, then resource collection ceases and a new Mill or Farmstead must be constructed closer to the resource being gathered. This is most applicable when chopping Wood.

The Market structure will also be a very important building for the player's economy

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