Wildfire Games is an independent game development team made up of volunteers from all over the world. Wildfire Games started out as the small modding team that produced "Rome at War", the largest and most popular mod for Age of Kings in 2001. Since 2003, the team has been developing a standalone RTS game, 0 A.D., from the ground up.

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Unit Showcase: Indian War Elephant
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The Indian War Elephant is one of two Super Units for the Persian Civilisation (the other is the Persian Anusiya). These behemoths are slow and powerful, consequently taking a long time to train and costing large amounts of resources. They will deal a large amount of trample damage and dish out a high crush attack, making them good against massed enemy units and buildings. They also have a Stench Aura that causes enemy cavalry units to lose attack strength. While utilizing Indian War Elephants effectively will be a boon to the Persians player, a significant drawback will be the Run Amok feature: when an elephant unit takes a large amount of damage the player will lose control of the elephant and it will attack any nearby unit, friend or foe, until it is finally brought down or healed back to sufficient strength.

In short the Indian War Elephant will be pound-for-pound the strongest unit in the game, but must be used with care, lest they become more a liability than an asset.

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