We're the crew that is creating the mod Sortal for the game Portal. We are still looking for help! (see jobs wanted page for more info...) Here's the crew so far...
Metallbox7 : Mapper, Texture Drawer, Modeler
Alpha_Hund : Mapper
Headshot : Mapper, Tester
CeilingPie : Mapper
113mac113 : Beta Tester
Portalfanboy : Mapper, Skinner

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Headshot123 Creator

Hey guys,

I build the new Homepage for the Sortal mod!
But its secured by a password so you must find the letters for the word in-game.

With friendly greets


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LimeDreaming Creator

i testing the GameInfo my Test Sortal Portal2Test (Sortal Portal2Test is not a Mod this is me test gameinfo Mod)

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the good thing is i can still beta test i own Portl 2 on PC and PS3 and thxs to steamworks i can play the beta (when it comes out) on PS3

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Good news if you are trying to convert to Portal 2.



Good luck.

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