Major Tools & Features

  • Scene/Mission Editor
  • Terrain Editor
  • Entity/Model Editor (Animations, LODs, Prefabs, Bone Attachments/Mount Points)
  • Material Editor
  • (Shader Generation)
  • Modding Toolset (Real-time Mission/Scenario Editing for End-Users)
  • After Action Review
  • Character & Vehicle Physics (Rag Dolls, Attachments, Editor)
  • Asset Management(Database Editor, Versioning, Auto Importing)
  • Collada & FBX* Live Importing (also .obj, .x, .3ds, .mesh, .scene, AutoCAD* .dxf)
  • Smart Objects & Entity/Actor Editing
  • Area States & Triggers
  • Behavior Tree Editor
  • Python & Built-in Script Editor (also C#, VB, JavaScript, C++)
  • Visual Scripting Diagrams
  • Decal Editor*
  • UI Editor*
  • Conversation Editor (Character Dialog, Voice Acting, Facial Animation)
  • Visual3D Outsourcing Services
  • Cinematics Editor
  • Path & Road Editors
  • Realistic Water & Ocean
  • Massive Seamless Planet Terrain
  • Debugging & Edit-and-Continue with Visual Studio
  • GIS/GeoData Importing
  • Source Code (Available for Engine & Toolset)
  • One-Click* Web & PC Deployment
  • Xbox 360 Deployment (for v1.5*)
  • Particle FX Editor
  • AI & Pathfinding Systems

* Indicates a feature which is currently under development or testing, with completion expected by v1.0 unless otherwise indicated.

Add engine Engines
Visual3D Game Engine

Visual3D Game Engine

Commercial licence

Visual3D Game Engine is all you need to create next generation 3D games, virtual worlds, and realistic simulations with a powerful game engine that provides...


Isles of War Online, a fantasy vs. sci-fi multiplayer FPS, which is supported by many members of the Visual3D Game Engine development team, has now become open-source.
The Isles of War team is now recruiting level designers, scripters, and artists interested in collaborating on this open-source multiplayer game.
Find out more at:

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Visual3D Game Engine is an engine written entirely in C# and built on Microsoft XNA, with an All-in-One Development Toolset, inexpensive licenses for unlimited royalty-free titles.

The Visual3D Game Engine has been used in development of an upcoming AAA game sequel, as well as for many serious games or Online Virtual Worlds (including modern warfare RTS and adventure games/simulations, and a Google Earth-like geovisualizations), and multiplayer FPS games (previously released Robot Wars Online, and now Bunker Wars, with physics-based gameplay), Online Virtual Worlds.

The source code is available for both the engine and toolset, and there are options for distributing the toolset for real-time world/scenario/mission editing and as a modding toolset. Also, its strengths include its being designed for massive planet-scale seamless terrains/virtual worlds, and its built-in physics engine.

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