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MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project

MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project

Role Playing

MERP is a total conversion modification of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Explore Middle-earth in a fully open-ended environment like you've never seen...

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If you can't get round this in a straight forward way, why not change the names of things or maybe just a few letters in each name. They can't sue you if you aren't infringing the copyright on names. Bin the ring bearer quest line as that is too obvious to cover up. Focus on the war and things around that. There would also be no end of misc quests you could do. If you make it so its recognisable to fans but you don't mention any proper names from the LOTR series or change the names slightly then there is no infringement. E.g in epic movie "Narnia" becomes "Gnarnia" so there's no infringement of copyright... Just saying...

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NOt sure if this is the correct place to post this comment but here goes;

I have been following MERP for Skyrim and have read about the Cease & Desist letter from WB and am wondering if the team had heard of "Chilling Effects"
I would assume that you already have but if not it seems like they could be an organisation that could possibly help you fight the C&D letter and continue work on your amazing mod.

Here is the link - httpwwwchillingeffectsorginputcgi
* NOTE * The link is wrong so you cant cut and paste but I am sure you can figure it out and if not just type Chilling Effects Clearinghouse into google. Cheers!

Kind regards,

John :)
Hobart, TAS

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Best of luck in your fight to save MERP. If thing's go south, I think I can speak for the rest of the MERP followers when I say we'll be 100% behind your next modding endeavor.

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Hello there,
Curious, with all the support that y'all are attempting to get to save the mod, why you haven't created a Steam Workshop page yet?
All you need is a page up, and to try an get a portion of the cummunity you have here, and around the web that has access to rate you up, subscribe, etc to try and create enough momentum to boost you to the top page and get even more people to notice you.
If content is required, just throw out a loading screen, or maybe some of your music. Best would be to find someone to write & sing a song to add to the bards in game. Or the most appeasing would likely be a weapons pack, although that may aggravate the situation with TIme Warner.
Just a couple suggestions, I'll leave to y'all that have a greater understanding of the situation and actually have to do the work.
Cheers, and here's to hoping MERP comes out of this alive.

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They can't throw out a loading screen or even music because that would violate the cease and desist order. Actually I beleive even applying for a steam workshop account in the name of this project would constitute an interest in or illusion to continued development and would be actionable and by god if you think this mod is in danger of dying now just wait till after WB's huge team of lawyers sue the living **** out of everyone involved.
No. Honestly the best thing the team can do at this point is exactly what they are doing.

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you guys are probably full of quest writers but i want to apply for miscelanious quest writer.i already tried to register on your website but it constantly says that password is not right it is always mixed cause or something like that.

looking forward to your mail.

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Maybe you guys could talk the peoplez from this mod to work with you?

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Hey, you guys should consider remaking TES 1: Arena after you're done with this! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING

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Hey, I would like to join up with the team and I am skilled in 3D modeling using blender, and maya.

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just sign in in our forum merp.straygenius.com and then pick un an application! we are always looking for new modellers :)

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