The L.U.R.K. team is a culmination of members of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. community, dedicated to create the essential Shadow of Chernobyl experience. It began as one lone hobbyist, and has since branched into a full fledged team of testers, script writers, configuration editors, weapons specialists, animators, and others. The L.U.R.K. team welcomes new members with a will to learn, certain prerequisite knowledge pertaining to Shadow of Chernobyl and game mechanics, a similar philosophy regarding gameplay, and other requirements that will be further elaborated on with each application. Interested hobbyists can seek opportunity with L.U.R.K. to learn more about X-Ray, texture design, animating, and much more. It's also a great opportunity to chat and socialize with a group of fun people. We're ultimately a laid back bunch, who only seeks to build Shadow of Chernobyl in our own ideal image.

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