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For those not familiar, start a new game and hit use when you've read your mission. Proceed through the hub to complete your goal, rinse, and repeat. Star Wars inspired TC.

Ion Conduits will explode when damaged. If sliced with the cutter however, they will only discharge when an enemy gets near it.

Item Pickup colors:
Red - Health items. Used automatically when needed.
Purple - Puzzle items. If a puzzle requires an item to advance, the item will be found in the same level. Excluding the Blue and Red keycards.
Gold - Misc items.
Blue - Ammo and Weapons.

Speeder Bikes will take you back to Chibi Base, then return you to the map you left.

Imperial Lambda shuttles can be used to travel to new locations. Simply approach them to use. Some shuttles require a Navigation Card to use, which is found on the same level as the shuttle.

Approaching Shield regenerators can restore up to 100 points of your personal shield. Shield batteries and Stormtrooper Helmets can exceed this amount.

Approaching Medical Droids will restore your health back up to full.

Repair minigame
Some machinery needs to be repaired to advance. This is done by approaching the smoking panel with the fusion cutter selected and 'USE'ing the panel. Hit the repair points that appear in time to increase the repair status up to full.

Tall white containers on shiny floors can be moved. 'USE'ing them will push them. Double 'USE'ing them will pull them.

Grenades are used by holding the 'USE' button before pressing the 'FIRE' button. Available on pistols, rifles, light repeater, and flash cannon.
Fusion Cutter - Recharges itself quickly when not in use.
Chibi Punch - Only available when your weapons are taken away.
Scout Trooper Pistol - Basic starting weapon. Has bash attack.
DH-17 - Upgrades scout trooper pistol. Fires either single accurate shot or four round scattered burst. Has bash attack.
SE-14c Pistol - Replaces either pistol when built. Full auto weapon, heat decreases accuracy. Has bash attack.
A-280 - Simple blaster rifle. Limited clips require reloading. Has bash attack.
E-11 - Replaces the A-280 when picked up. Limited clips require reloading. Has bash attack.
Heavy Rifle - Replaces other rifles when built. Fire three round bursts. Limited clips require reloading. Has bash attack.
Flash Cannon - Fires a burst of blaster shots. The longer it's charged, the more focused the blast will be. Uses special ammunition that must be reloaded. Has bash attack.
T-21 Light Repeating Blaster - Full auto blaster. Heat decreases accuracy. Has bash attack.
Scoped Dawnsorrow - Sniper rifle. 'ALT-FIRE' toggles the scope view. Each shot produces heat. If the weapon overheats it cannot be used until it cools off.
Range Finder - 'ALT-FIRE' toggles the zoom view. When zoomed, 'FIRE' calls a speeder strike against the target location.

Combos - KO'ing enemies quickly will result in a combo bonus. If your health & shields total more then 50, then the bonus will be increased firing rate. Otherwise it grants a reflective shield. An indicator will appear showing the time remaining at the bottom of the screen.

Holocrons - These items are used to build the special items and weapons back at Chibi Base. In the armory select the item you wish to build then 'USE' the work bench to right of the holo display to build it.

Some maps require the defeat of certain enemies to advance. This is indicated at the top of the screen with a status bar.

Some maps require the destruction of generators to advance. The number of generators to destroy is indicated at the top left of the screen.

Dialog is advanced with the 'USE' key.

Some end maps require the destruction of a facility. Chibi Base supplies you with the needed demolition charges. The charges are placed at demolition points in the map by simply 'USE'ing the point.

The sensor pack, once acquired, will reveal the number of monsters, items, and secrets on the current map. Only visible on the expanded hud.

Any NPC with a floating credit symbol can used to purchase items.

Junk can be traded to the Rebel requisition officer for credits.

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Star Wars: Chibi Rebellion v6.1
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wing0black Sep 15 2013 says:

Where did you get the posters in the picture?

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wing0black Sep 16 2013 replied:

Nevermind I found them.
Here's the link if anyone else is interested

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