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This tutorial will help you successfully install the modification.

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It seems some have been having problems with installing this modification. For that reason I decided to make a small tutorial covering the necessary steps as well as giving information about what you can and what you can't do after installing the modification.

Installation guide:

  1. Make sure your Gothic 2 NOTR installation is complete.
  2. Download Report ver. (fix) and install it.
  3. Download Gothic Starter and install it.
  4. Download g2notr-systempack-1.1.exe and install it.
  5. Test your game. If everything works continue.
  6. Download and unpack Wasteland Mod 2. Pick language you like.
  7. Put *.mod file in your Gothic II\Data\ModVDF directory.
  8. Put *.ini file in your Gothic II\System directory.
  9. You should be able now to succesfully run the modification.

Remember that this modification makes changes to both WORLD and SCRIPT files, so it is incompatible with any other modification which makes same changes. The game is also incompatible with some unofficial patches which make changes to script and world files.
It should be compatible though with texture/mesh replacement mods.


Great tutorial!

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