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This tutorial will tell you how to uvmap your model, texture it for use ingame.

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The way I make items and such is make them in wings 3d (uvmapping+model) and then texture them using lithunwrap. Maybe try that, I found doing it that way is way much faster, you have to have your model done then get the uvmap set up in wings 3d then export it then place it over the texture you have made. The last bit i do for lithunwrap.

Here I did this, took me a while so be appreciative. Images may look a bit lanky but its just cause of the way moddb displays it. This tutorial I did is mirrored from the taleworlds forum but it wasnt moved to the tutorial section so Ill put it up here.

I hope this may help some people when they decide to mod mount and blade. Question or if anyone needs help, just ask.

jaceace84 - - 69 comments

but i thought we could not do models for armor in wings 3d because they have to be rigged? Iv done and textured static meshes in wings but never found a tutorial on modeling body armor please tell me how.

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xPearse Author
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Well talk in the message I sent you, you rig the model after you've done making it.

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plasmid - - 172 comments

this is a really really bad way to unwrap stuff, how can you even texture the back and side of the model if you have it all projected on one space?

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xPearse Author
xPearse - - 2,462 comments

Its a basic way to uvmapp and it was only for the tutorial, it was to show someone how to get their model textured not how to get each side textured using two different programs.

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